Day 121: So Little Time

Hello my wild ones! Here’s hoping you kicked your weekend off right while I was at work.

Free at last! Boys and girls I know I say this every time I go on days off, but we really have a shit ton of stuff we have to get done before I go back to work next week.

First and foremost my house has got to get cleaned. This place is an absolute pig sty. It stinks, there’s trash everywhere, and the dogs have crap strewn all over the fucking place. So tomorrow when I wake up bright and early I will conquer the mess that is my house.

Secondly, I’ll have to go grocery shopping. That won’t be a time consuming task, but it does have to get done tomorrow.

I have to pay my entry fee for the show coming up in June and confirm that they received sample photos of my work.

Both of the smelly dogs need to be bathed. Lois seriously needs a bath, Watson just needs a good wash, he’s not that stinky, just a little dirty.

Then on to the projects we’ve got on our list. We have to repaint the coffee table because it was decided today that it would look better in black. The trunk I’m turning into a coffee table for my home has to be cleaned up, painted, clear coated, and have feet attached. I also want to get the desk done, which means a trip to San Antonio because we made a big plan for that desk. Once all that is done, I’ll move the finished coffee table and desk into storage for safe keeping until the show.

It’s going to be a very jam packed 4 days, hope you can keep up. I’m headed to bed now, so I can get an early start on our massive to do list. Night!

Caloric intake: 1,592
Calories burned: zilch

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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