Day 122: Wet Dog

Hello wild ones. I hope your Sunday was marvelous.

Before 10 am I managed to clean my house and get my grocery shopping done. While shopping I got the dogs some new shampoo because like I mentioned yesterday, they need baths. I also grabbed Watson a new collar, since Lois ate the nice one I got him for Christmas. They had some for 5 bucks at HEB, so I got one for each of them. Hopefully Lois won’t eat these any time soon.

Lois got a bath, she did not enjoy the experience and then she wouldn’t let me take a good picture. She is still sulking even though she got a treat for at least not jumping out of the tub while I bathed her.

Watson is next, but since he just got a bath I may let his wait until this evening. He can’t be trusted when he’s freshly cleaned, he likes to roll across every surface he can after a bath. By waiting until just before bed I won’t have to worry about him darting outside to roll around in the sand.

I got the coffee table repainted! Tomorrow I’ll check it for areas that may need touch ups and then seal it so that I can get it out of the garage. I put a coat of mineral chalk paint on the trunk that is going to be my coffee table. Instead of trying to pick some bright color that wouldn’t clash with the other furniture in the living room I decided to make the outside of the trunk light and then distress the paint I applied. The trunk was brown, so I think a couple of thin coats of the mineral paint will look really nice with brown peeking through. I want to paint the inside of the trunk a bright color, like really fucking bright, so that when you open it up its a shock. No idea what color that may be yet, but I’m considering pink or green. Thoughts or recommendations?

Tomorrow I need to make a quick trip for supplies to San Antonio. We’ve got to hit up a fabric store, a hardware store, and maybe my favorite goodwill. The plan is to wake up early, start a load of laundry, get the dishes sorted, and head to town at 10 am so I can be back home before lunch.

If it all goes as planned my coffee table should be finished up tomorrow evening and in my house by Tuesday afternoon. The desk will be completed around the same time if we can find everything we need tomorrow.

For the rest of this evening I’m going to chill out with the babies and watch a little television, I’ve got to kill 2 hours so I can put another coat of paint on my trunk before bed.

Good luck with your Monday!

Caloric intake: 1,425
Calories burned: 0

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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