Day 129: Birthday Girl

Hello lovely wild ones. The weekend is just about over and hopefully you had a good weekend.

I finally feel like myself again. Today when I arose from the sanctuary of my bed my heart felt lighter, the burden of the last few days was left behind in my dreams. I sincerely do not want to stumble back across those burdens anytime soon.

I laughed out loud for the first time in days. Watched a mini series that I love and smiled softly at all my favorite parts. Sang along to the radio on my way home without even realizing. Today was a good day. Though I know that I’m not back at 100% I also know the storm has finally broken, soon the clouds will part, and the sun shall come out again.

It’s mothers day and wouldn’t uou know one of the drivers told me happy mothers day…I didn’t want to be rude and reply, “Bitch I am not a mother to anyone other than my dogs,” but I refrained. 

Apart from it being


day, it’s also Lois Lane’s birthday! Our little baby has turned 1 today!!


Bacuse I felt so shit-tacular this weekend I did not make her a cake as planned, so I had to improvise. After work I stopped at HEB and grabbed her some mini cupcakes. I kind of wish I had gotten her some colorful ones, but the way she devoured these I don’t think there would have been a cute mess to photograph.




I ended up letting her have 3 cupcakes because they were very small. Watson got 2 little cupcakes as well. They were both unimpressed with my singing.

Only one more day left in my prison at work. Since I got nothing done on my last day off I’ll have a ton of stuff to catch up on.

For now it’s just about time for me to get ready for bed. Tomorrow is probably going to be a long day.

Caloric intake: 1,710
Calories burned: none

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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