Day 133: Pizza!!!

Hello wild ones! Your week is almost at an end, mine is just beginning.

I am giving myself a gold star for today. The house (of course I mean the main living areas) is clean and smelling of delicious peppermint, just about all of the dirty laundry had been washed and put away, and I prepped my lunches for work. Whoop! I’m back baby!

Right now I’m sitting in bed with coconut oil in my hair and a mask on my face because I want to look my best for tomorrow. Just kidding. It’s just been too long since I did an overnight coconut hair mask and I figured since I had to stay up to get this blog written and posted I may as well pamper my face. I love coconut oil hair treatments. Tomorrow after my shower my hair will be shining like the sun and feel silky smooth without needing conditioner. Plus, my hair needs all the moisture it can get. Since I’m planning on retouching my roots next week and hopefully getting a bleach bath all over to combat some banding I want to give my hair a little umph.

I did not get the sofa table moved in for pictures obviously. After cleaning the house I was just beat and I rewarded myself with a little couch time. There’s still way too much crud in my living room that needs to be moved out anyway and I so did not feel like dealing with it today.

Our craft show is quickly approaching, so this week I am going to make myself work everyday after work on something. Tomorrow on my way home, after I hit the gym for some quality treadmill time, I’m going to stop and unload the stuff in the back of my car. Once home I’ll load up the sofa table and the various other junk that needs to be taken back and drop it all off Saturday.

Our next project is the desk. It’s going to be the most involved project, so I’ll start prepping it tomorrow night and then Saturday after work I’ll begin sanding it back to raw wood to see what we are working with. Once I know the actual color of the wood I can decide if I am going to stain it, go over it with a clear gloss, or paint. I’m leaning more towards just poly because I’m hoping it’s a lighter toned wood. We shall see.

As of right now we will be spending the majority of our day Wednesday in San Antonio next week. That’s when I have my hair appointment and I just figured I would go get the rest of the supplies needed for the desk and maybe go pick out some new tennis shoes.

I’ve got a friend going to the local flea market tomorrow to look for a small table/desk for my living room office. Of course she will also be on the lookout for easy flips for the show.

Right now I’m going to go rinse my face and then tuck myself into bed. We’ve got an early start tomorrow.

Caloric intake: 1,536
Calories burned: 926

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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