Day 134: Organization

Hello wild ones! Your work week is over, have a cold one for me please.

I complain about my job more than I should. Today while at work I watched about 2 hours worth of videos on how to put together the perfect planner for me. First world problems y’all. I have been seriously slacking in the be more organized section of my yearly goals. Can’t even remember how long ago the digs tore up the planner I had started using, but I had already stopped using it before they ate the damn thing, so I decided it was high time I got back on the ball.

I did more extensive research and this time I think I’ve got something that is going to work. Tomorrow I’ll walk you through the planner I’m DIYing, again while at work…I should be more grateful that I have a job where my supervisor doesn’t hover over me to make sure I’m only doing work activities while at work.

My sister and I just got back from Walmart where I had a short list of essential items to purchase for my planner. Of course next week while we are at the craft store I’m sure I’ll find some cute odds and ends I think I need to make it cuter, but for tomorrow our goal is just to get the dang thing set up and start using it immediately.

I went to the gym after work, my sister met me there. I did a very intense workout on a stationary bike and she made me do a little weight lifting. My arms were shaking on the last set of bench press and there wasn’t even any weight on the bar yet. I felt great after and then I felt tired. We had a quick dinner just because I knew if I didn’t eat I would wake up dying tomorrow, so Chinese. Yum.

Of course tomorrow is sandwich day, so I’ll take a break from building the perfect planner to get my lunch and snacks before completing it and showing you. I plan on hitting the gym again, I am going to try to go to the gym or do some kind of physical activity everyday.

It’s just about 9:30 pm here which means it’s well past my bed time. See you tomorrow kids!

Caloric intake: 1,198
Calories burned: 1,154

Until tomkrrow, stay wonderfully wild!

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