Day 135: Not Ready

Hello wild ones! Saturday night is upon us, I’m tucked in bed and I hope you’re losing your head.

My planner is not ready yet. I worked on the dang thing for about 8 hours today give or take a few minutes and I’ve still got some things to finish up tomorrow. The bulk of my work is done, I’ve just got some finishing touches to get done and then you’ll get to see. So far I’m moderately happy with it, tomorrow you’ll learn why.

Procrastination strikes again. I still have not stopped at the storage building to unload my car. I ran errands after the gym today and passed the dang storage unit 3 different times without stopping to lighten my load. Maybe tomorrow. Ha.

I’ve also not started on the desk yet. Goodness, I feel like Annie now. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Fuck I got a lot to do tomorrow! Those may not be the exact lyrics, but you get what I’m saying. I’m vowing that I will stop after leaving the gym and drop off the stuff that’s in my car.

I’m actually getting a bit of a headache. I may need to cut this short. Sorry. I promise you’ll get a full length walk through complete with pictures of the planner tomorrow. Night!

Caloric intake: 1,688
Calories burned: 898

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

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