Day 138: Prepared

Hey there wild ones. I hope your Tuesday was as productive as mine was.

After waking up bright and early I showered, today was hair washing day. I should have shaved because I am seriously feigning to wear the pretty flora number I bought in Dallas, but I was too lazy. However, that beautiful outfit helped me make more birthday plans. Now we are going to do a grown up dinner, I want everyone to dress in their best and just share a laid back meal before we go out the next night and act like fools.

Other birthday news, I think we may be renting a limo! I really just want everyone to be together all night long and make sure everyone is safe. The only way I can ensure that is if we rent some kind of large vehicle and why the hell not a limo. I called around today for pricing, so tomorrow I’ll be sending out a mass text to find out who all is down and make sure everyone pays soon so I can book the car.

Changing gears here, I’m a bad granddaughter. I went to see my granny today to drop off a microwave my mom gave to her and I realized that it has been a year if not a little longer since I’ve seen my granny. That very sad fact made me want to cry. When I was younger my granny was my world, she was the only one who I felt loved me unconditionally. Since becoming an adult I drifted from her and today showed me how awful I’ve been. I’ve vowed that I will call her at least once a week from here on out and I’m going to go visit her every couple of weeks. Maybe it was seeing how frail she looks that really kicked me in the gut. She’s always been this warrior woman in my eyes and I’ve seen her as old, but today she looked every bit of the 78 years old. I’ve been a terrible granddaughter, but that is going to stop. I don’t want to lose my granny never knowing who she really is or letting her know how special she is to me. She’s the only grandparent I have. My mother’s father died when my mom was little and I’ve never met my biological father’s parents.

If your grandparents are alive go call them and tell them how much you love them.

Okay, let me wipe my tears and get on with this post. Zumba was extra sweaty today and I had a very strange phenomenon occur while we were jumping around. The muscles in my thighs began to quiver and tingle and then my legs wouldn’t work for a few seconds. Not sure what that was all about, but it made me feel like a newborn foal.

Decisions were made about the design of the mid-century desk and after returning from San Antonio I sanded the darn thing, realized that the top has an ugly wood veneer on it, so the entire thing is getting painted, but I’m still excited for my plan. While I was waiting for the oven to preheat I applied a coat of primer, jeez it was so fucking hot in my garage I started sweating to the point that it was dripping off of me like I was back in zumba. Can’t complain too much though, sweating is good for my soul. I’m a salty bitch.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get the bulk of the desk finished. In the morning I’ll apply another coat of primer, allow that to dry and then begin painting. Of course I’ll take photos and share them with you once the project is complete.

As of right now I have 2 projects complete for the craft show, which is 2 more than I had done 3 weeks before my last show. I’m making great progress this time and I’m going to keep pushing forward. Tomorrow while my paint is drying I’ll go pick up the tall dresser from storage and pick up the screws I need to attach the legs to my trunk table.

For now I’m going to follow my dogs into dream land. They are both snoring already.

Caloric intake: 1,131
Calories burned: 1,014

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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