Day 140: Working Hard

Hello wild ones! The weekend is right around the corner!

It’s been a very long day. I’ve squeezed just about everything I could out of this day and now I’m exhausted.

Had my morning gym session with my sister which really filled me with the energy I needed to push through all the work I had to get done. Had a delicious chicken Cesar salad for lunch, my favorite salad of all time. Spent the rest of my day in the garage toiling away.

Happily I announce that the desk is just nearly finished. Tomorrow I’ll just put the poly on and I can check that project off my to do list.


Here’s a sneak peek. Oh man, oh man I am in love with the orange. I seriously want to keep this desk for myself, is that bad? I hope I find someone who loves it as much as I do because if not I am going to have to make room in the living room for this beauty.

I got the dresser painted and the bulk of it distressed. The body of the dresser is ready for the wax step; the drawers will need sanding and distressing tomorrow, but I’ll do that while I wait for the wax to dry enough to apply the dark wax.

I worked up until 11 pm because I was really hoping to allow myself a full day to just lounge around with the dogs, but I won’t be doing that. I’ve still got to make a run to Floresville to pick the roll top desk. So in the morning I’m going to wax the dresser, start applying the poly to my desk, and while all of that is drying I’ll lounge until it’s time to go get the other desk. Actually, I’m saying that, but I probably need to go over to the storage building and make room for the dresser to go back in as well as the mid-century desk. Great, even more things for me to do to keep me away from my beloved couch.

Meal prep is supposed to happen tomorrow as well and I’ve got to squeeze in a trip to the gym in there somewhere. I’m tired just talking about it. If I could put the Floresville trip off until next week that would be great, but if I go get it tomorrow then I can work on it after work. Who am I kidding? I’m going to use 3 of my work nights to catch up on the sleep I didn’t get this week.

Does anyone know how to get nail polish out of dog fur other than using fingernail polish remover? Lois Lane decided to eat a bottle of red nail polish today and managed to get it all over herself and the house. Shit, that reminds me that I’ve also got to get the house cleaned back up. Fuck.

I’m going to close my eyes now and dream of the day when houses keep themselves clean, my dogs learn to behave, and paint dries in an instant. Good night!!

Caloric intake: 1,469
Calories burned: 781

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

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