Day 142: Massage

Hello wild ones! This day for me has not gone fast enough, but I’m sure in your eyes it whooshed by.

I was mildly productive considering I was at work. The flier for the Maker’s Market is complete.


Whoop! I’m super happy with how adorable it came out. I wish I had saved a copy of it on just a white background so it wouldn’t be a pain to print, but it’s whatever. I’m going to get them printed at Walmart and then post them at work, my gym, Finder’s Keeper’s, and hand them out to my zumba pals. I’ve already plastered it all over Facebook.

The crosses for my blessed signs have been painted and are ready for assembly and I started working on these cute bookends I was given. Wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with them, so I just gave them a light coat of off white paint and in the morning I’ll decide what other color to add.

There’s a little wooden jewelry box I bought from goodwill a few months back that needs lovin’. I took it with me today, but realized I needed to have my small screwdriver, painter’s tape, and the right paint before starting the darn thing. Still not 100% sure how I’m going to paint it, but I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

After work I hit the gym and not to sound like one of those brainwashed gym fanatics, but I feel so much better. Literally could not keep my eyes open on my way to the gym, I felt so drained I nearly just drove past, but I already used my skip days, so I stopped.


40 minutes later I walked out feeling like a new woman, a very sweaty new woman. I was feeling so good I almost started lifting weights on my own, but there was a group of lug heads congregating around the weight bench I use, so I just skipped out of there.

Now I’m home, my sweaty clothes have been discarded and even though I’m not sleepy like I was after work, I’ve tucked myself into bed soaked in coconut oil. There’s some damage in my hairs near future, so I’m trying to pamper my locks. Even gave myself a scalp massage.

I’m planning on waking up early and taking a very long shower, but for now I’m going to search YouTube for hair and make up tutorials for my birthday weekend. I’m thinking about doing a beehive or mod do for the show and of course whatever hair style I decide with have to last into the night. If I do a beehive I’m not sure I’ll want to wear my hair in that style to a bar and once all that teasing is done it takes some work to get it all out…girl problems.


Caloric intake: 2,244
Calories burned: 939

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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