Day 143: Working Hard or Hardly Working

Hello wild ones! Hahah, your weekend  is over and now you have to rejoin the workforce. Sorry, I’ve been working all weekend, so I can’t feel bad for you.

Today went by a little faster, but still not fast enough. I want to blink and the day be over tomorrow.

Wasn’t the best of girls today, the bacon cheeseburger I had for lunch was fantastic, but I should have resisted. Eh, oh well. Because I ate that yummy burger I made sure to go a little ham on the bike today. 25 on the medium level and 10 minutes fighting the shake in my thighs as I powered through the highest setting. After the cardio that nearly killed me we moved to weights. Still not sure if my thighs are just seriously powerful or I’m doing them wrong, but leg presses have zero affect on me. We threw in some leg curls as well, those I felt and then moved to the weight bench. My arms, shoulders, and upper back were on fire. I should feel the burn tomorow.

Tomorrow after zumba I have to push to finish the desk and dresser. I don’t want to have either still in the garage when I go pick up the roll top desk Wednesday.

I’m stinky. I keep forgetting to put deodorant on in the morning, it’s kind of gross but true. I bought new deodorant last week and for some reason have still not brought it to my room, so I keep skipping that step. I’ll go get it right now.

It’s bed time here. We’ve still got 2 days at work before we got back on days off, so I need all the sleep I can get. Night!

Caloric intake: 2,031
Calories burned: 1,154

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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