Day 144: Frustrations

Hello wild ones! You survived another Monday, good for you. I made it through today mostly unscathed.

I’ve mentioned, probably way too many times, that I kind of hate my job, well this afternoon I was reminded why. I received a phone call from my supervisor at 7 pm, that’s roughly 2 hours after my shift ended. He thought it was important to let me know that a truck that was scheduled to be on location at 5:30 pm still had not made it…my initial reaction was to say, “and that’s my problem why?” But I get told often that my attitude when shit goes wrong leaves a little something to be desired, so I held my tounge. He is the reason I hate my job. I wish someone could explain to me how it could be my fault that a night truck driver was not lined up to be on location for the night shift? Night shift doesn’t get in trouble if my trucks are late in the morning, so why should I get in trouble for their trucks being late?

I don’t understand. It is beyond frustrating to be blamed for others short comings,  even more so when the reason I’m being blamed is because he’s afraid to tell the night shift that they’re doing something wrong. He’s afraid of the woman who works nights, she is

terrifying, but she’s also the biggest fucking pussy on the planet. Bah.

Do you get blamed at work for things out of your control? It is the single most frustrating thing about my job.

Okay, enough work loathing talk, I’ve only got one day left in hell and it better go quickly. I remade my to do list for this week and it’s full, we have to go balls to the walls crazy attacking projects this week and since we’re going to go extra hard I need to get to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and night.

Caloric intake: 1,469
Calories burned: 0

Until tomorow,stay wonderfully wild!


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