Day 146: Short

Hello wild ones!  Unfortunately our hump day post is going to be super short. I’m so freaking tired it’s ridiculous and my phone is close to dying.

For reasons unbeknownst to me my phone is taking FOREVER to charge. It was plugged in all night as per usual and this morning only had 60% battery. What the hell? I’ve had to keep it plugged in all day just to keep it from dying. Maybe I need a new plug, the one I currently have has been chewed upon, so perhaps that’s the problem. Really hoping it’s not something serious because I cannot afford to get a new phone.

Made some major progress in the garage and I think I sweated off like 100 pounds. I swear it was dripping off of me and that was before zumba. I’ll let you see what we’ve got done tomorrow, for now I’m going to curl up with the dogs and sleep. Night!

Caloric intake: 1,504
Calories burned: 1,755

Unit tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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