Day 148: Duckling

Hello wild ones! You made it through the week and the weekend is here again.

I was not as productive as I would have liked today, but I’m still doing great. The list of things I did get done is rather short. I finished the small dresser, put together the metal side table, and picked up the desk. That’s about all I can say about that.

I guess I decided I need half the day off. I think I deserved it, so I watched old movies on my couch with the dogs while waiting for spray paint to dry.

What was I spray painting you might ask?


These adorable piggy bookends I found at The Barn. I thought I needed a few more little decor items to spruce up my booth for Saturday so I grabbed these two cuties as well as a glass cactus and this little jewelry box.


I love this thing. It’s super cute and just the right amount of strange. He also got a couple of coats of spray paint, but I’ll show you that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my last day off of this hitch, so I need to squeeze every moment out of the day possible. First and foremost the desk has to get painted. Even if I don’t get to start distressing it the entire thing needs to be done with paint before I go to the gym tomorrow evening. The duckling jewelry box has to be finished and I’ve got to drop the side table and small dresser off in storage. I also need to prep my lunches because that is a habit I should not have broken to begin with.

I have a gym date with my sister at 5:30 pm and then I’ll spend the rest of my evening chilling and going over the list of things I still need to get done before Saturday.

Lois has drenched my pillow in her saliva. I don’t know if the coconut oil from my hair somehow caught her nose, but she spent about 5 minutes just licking the thing. Good thing I’ve got extra saliva free pillows.

Next week there will be not eating out until Friday nights dinner. I’ve eaten out at least one meal everyday this week and that’s just the most absurd thing. Ever since I stopped meal prepping I’ve gotten rather lazy about my nutrition and that’s got to stop.

Goodness I’m tired. Like weary to the bone tired. I think I’m going to shut my eyes now and hope that 7 am comes slowly. Night kids.

Caloric intake:
Calories burned:

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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