Day 150: Milestone

Hello wild ones! Sunday funday is almost at an end, I hope you made the most of your day, unlike me.

I watched movies at work while contemplating my price tags. Such a silly little thing to obsess over, but I want cute price tags and I’m silly so of course all day I argued with myself about which price tags would look the best. A decision has yet to be reached, so it seems this argument will continue through tomorrow and hopefully no further.

My day was rather uneventful. I worked watched a couple of movies and that was it; we weren’t busy, but we weren’t slow it was one of those good days where we have a happy medium. Fingers crossed tomorrow is the same.

Ahhh, I just realized I said my day was uneventful, because I forgot the thing that happened first thing this morning. I awoke to a notification from WordPress informing me that I had received my 100th like! Wow!! 100 times people took a second to let me know they enjoyed what I had to say. I could not be more grateful. Thank you to anyone and everyone who has taken the time to read the nonsense I post everyday and then given me a little stamp of approval. I really do appreciate it and if I could I would send you all a cookie as thanks.

I don’t want to further dampen the excitement I feel about my 100 likes by expanding on my day, so for now I’m going to day goodnight and tomorrow I’ll tell you all about a little movie I watched today that kind of threw me for a loop.

Night lovlies!

Caloric intake: 1,478
Calories burned: 1,207

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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