Day 151: Countdown

Hello wild ones!! I’ve got some good news! I don’t have to work Wednesday!  I’ve been dancing since my coworker agreed to cover for me.

It’s not like I’m going to get to spend the day eatin bonbons, but I’m excited nonetheless. There’s still so much to do!

I managed to get an invoice made today, not that was exactly on my to do list, but I’ve been toying with the idea for days and just decided to jump off the cliff.


This is what I came up with. I saved about 10 different versions because at first I left off our catch phrase, how could I have been so silly?


This is what we had at first, so when I remembered that I had to have my catch phrase the entire thing had to be shifted around to accommodate. Honestly I’m still not 100% satisfied with my logo’s placement, but for now it’s going to have to work because I’ve neither the time or inclination to spend more time on a dang invoice I’ll probably end up forgetting.

All of my price tags were made, cut down, punched, and filed away in my hand dandy planner. That project also took me a little longer than I’d like to admit. I’m so freaking finniky. I couldn’t decide if I wanted tags with my logo on the back, if my furniture should have large tags, or if everything should have the same tags. In the end I discarded the idea of having my logo on the back, it was just too difficult to work out and went with simple and cute.

I also reconfigured my planner. I mentioned that I was pissy because I couldn’t get the entire year to fit and upon trying to use my planner I realized the mistake I had made. I printed all of weekly views with notes on the back instead of doing weekly views front and back. This caused me to have twice as many pages as necessary, so yesterday I reprinted the necessary pages and today I reassembled with the new pages. Made a huge difference. I had plenty of room to finish out the year and use paper sleeves to hold my price tags for the show. I still cannot imagine trying to cram an entire year into that little binder, but I’ve got 6 months in and that’s good enough for me.

I still have not received my tax permit, so tomorrow I have phones calls to make. First I have to call the comptrollers office to see why I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet and then I have to call the venue and find out how strict they are going to be about having a hard copy of the permit. I should have done this last week, but I was hoping it would come over the weekend. Cross your fingers that the venue will accept the number in place of a physical copy because if not I’m going to be terribly pissed. I’ll have no one to blame, but myself and I may very well slip into another bout of selfloathing and decide not to celebrate my birthday.

Speaking of birthday, only 5 more days!!! I can’t believe it’s already here!! Of course since we’re at the halfway mark of our year together I’ll be reassessing my goals and I’m sure we’ll have to have a long talk about the lack of progress on all fronts, but not today! Today I’m just going to look forward to having a day that’s all about me.

I went out to eat every fucking day last week, literally every-damn-day. This week the only day I’m eating out will be Friday night and Saturday, but maybe if I’m feeling up to it I’ll prep a lunch for myself for Saturday that I can take with me, otherwise I’ll be relying on the kindness of my family and fast food.

We’re going to have a long night tomorrow. I still have to distress the desk and night stand that are in the garage, wax both pieces and that has to be done tomorrow because Wednesday I want to work on the signs, so that maybe Thursday I can afford to spend the entire day cleaning my house. Company is coming and the state my house is currently in just will not do.

Okay, I’ve got to rinse my face and get to bed. Night kids!

Caloric intake: 1,146
Calories burned: zippo

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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