Day 152: Changes

Hello wild ones! Happy Tuesday.

Well our plans changed a smidgen. I do have to work tomorrow after all, but it should only be a half day which is better than nothing. Because I have to work tomorrow our time table had to be shifted. Instead of staying up late tonight, I’ve already tucked myself into bed…sue me. I need to sleep. So tomorrow as soon as I get relieved at work I’m coming home to distress and wax the desk and side table that are in the garage.

While those are processing I’m going to finish the globes and the other few odds and ends as far as decorations for the booth go. Thursday morning I’ll move all the furniture off to the side, cover and protect them, and get to work on the signs. Thursday is going to be the do or die day. Anything that’s not finished by the time I pass our Thursday night just will not be going with us to the market. Ha, I say that but I’m sure it won’t be true. I could find something cool to flip really fast on Friday morning, but I’m going to try my hardest to stick to the plan.

I got all my important phone calls taken care of this morning and we are still good to go for Saturday! Turns out that the venue isn’t going to check to make sure I have a permit, but if for some reason the Texas Tax office decides to make a surprise visit I will need proof. I have said proof, as well as the name of the man who helped me, safely tucked away in the planner.

Speaking of which, I used my planner today! I kept it open on my desk all day so I could jot things down, revise my to do list, and pencil in some upcoming things that weren’t already in there. Go me!

My stupid phone just died, so for 20 minutes I could not finish this post. At first I had decided just to lay here snuggled under the covers until it had charged enough to finish, but I thought that seemed silly when there’s still so much to get done. I picked the task that could be done from the comfort of my bed. Snipping away at some pretty paper for the globes. I cut flowers out of a craft paper for the pink globe. I’ve got enough now and my phone was charged, so here I am again.

I went the extra mile today and set up a PayPal so that I can accept credit cards on Saturday! Go Chelsea!!! I have a personal paypal, but thought it would be great to have one just for Crazy Dame Desgn, so I got that all setup and my free card swiper thingy should be here Friday. Hopefully this helps and gives me an advantage over the other booths.

Also got my invoices printed and ready to go. I need to get a clip board to keep them on thiugh, so I don’t have to dig around for them at all.

Confession time, so yesterday I told you that I would not be eating out this week until Friday…well I broke that vow early this morning. I ran of of fruit yesterday, so I was starving, like I contemplated eating my left hand I was so hungry, one of my coworkers graciously picked up tacos for me. Also…I just ate Chinese for dinner. Please hold the rotten tomatoes! I will not eat out tomorrow or Thursday so help me!

With that weight off my chest I think I shall sleep quite soundly. Goodnight all!

Caloric intake: 1,668
Calories burned: hahaha none

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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