Day 153: Hump Day!

Hello wild ones! It’s hump day! Lucky for me my hump day only lasted until about 10:30 am and I was back at home by 11 am. Whoop!

I checked a couple more things off my to do list. The side table has been distressed and waxed, it’s probably already dry. I just finished applying a dark wax to the roll top desk, so that’s just about done. In the morning I’ll have to do the drawers because I’m just too tired right now.

My duck jewelry box will be ready for a clear coat before I go to sleep tonight. I’ll show you how he came out tomorrow, this time I really mean that.

I attended a kinder graduation today for M’s youngest grandson, he’s a cutie. Happy little clam. The entire thing reinforced my decision to not have children. While Mattie was well behaved there were children who were not. And there was this really creepy one that had the largest eyes I’ve ever seen on a child. I caught him staring up at me and I nearly cried, it felt like he was stealing my soul with those huge brown orbs. Ugh.

My invoices got tweaked a bit, I’m a perfectionist, it’s a weakness sometimes. I kept looking at them and thinking that something was missing, so I went back in and added my contact info. Now, I just have to reprint some for Saturday.

There’s still so much to get done. I have to make a list tomorrow of everything I need to pack and take with me, it’s going to be about a mile long. Once the list is done I’ll have to start packing everything up for transport and making a layout plan as well as a couple of back up plans. After all that is done I’ll have to decide what is going to be hauled in which vehicle. On the big day I will have my car, M’s truck, and my mom’s truck, my sister has also volunteered her jeep if we need it, but I’m 99% posting everything will fit between the 3 vehicles.

I was going to try and have the globes done tonight, but it’s nearly 11 pm, and I seriously just want to go to bed. We have a gym sate tomorrow at 8 am and before I go to that I need to distress and wax the desk drawers, so they will be done enough to be put back in the desk for safekeeping.

Gosh, I really am beat. I’m going to bed now kids. Night!

Caloric intake: 1,589
Calories burned: 0

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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