Day 155: Busy Bitch

Hello wild ones! The weekend is nearly here!! With the weekend comes the Maker’s Market and more importantly my birthday!!

I’m a so ready to party my face off. This damn Maker’s Market has really taken every bit of my energy and patience. My day is not even anywhere near being over and I could crawl into bed right now and die a happy woman.

Unfortunately an alarm had to be set for this morning, I didn’t trust myself to wake up in time to get shit done before the gym. 6:45 came way too early. If I play my cards right I won’t have to be up tomorrow until about 7:30 ish.

As of right this second, it’s 7 pm here, I still have to finish up a few odds and ends on the signs, finish up the globes, make my packing list, pack my shit, and paint the backs of the two dressers that are already done. Jeeze, there’s still so much to do!! I’ll probably still have a couple of last minute things to take care of tomorrow.


Here’s a couple of the signs I’ll be taking. Very proud of that “hello” I did that free hand and I was sweating bullets the entire time. I’ve never been that fond of my painting skills, but this time it came out rather well. There are 2 “hello” signs, the other is white with yellow lettering and I added 2 turquoise arrows to the sides so that things can be hung from them, the second will get a few knobs and door handles later.

I’m dreading Sunday. When the dust has settled I’m going to go crazy trying to get my garage back in order.


This is only half of the mess. I think we all know I won’t even begin to deal with the catastrophic mess until my next set of days off. Maybe I’ll just blow up the garage or move.

I’ve got a tiny bit of dread climbing up my spine. The show is only 2 days away now and while I’m way more prepared than ever before, I still worry about the outcome. What if I don’t sell a single peiece? What if I keep chatting people up only for them to walk right back out of my booth?

Trying to stay posting though. People are going to love my stuff. People will buy my stuff. I’ll have questions about doing personalized peices. I’ll gain a couple of clients. Be postive. Please think postive for me. Light a candle, say a prayer, do a chant, whatever it is that you do, please do a little for me.

Alright folks, tomorrow will be here sooner than I know, so I’m going to go ahead ahead post this and get back to work. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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