Day 157: Socks

Hello wild ones! I hope your Sunday was restful, mine was not.

Yesterday, I told her I wanted to move as little as physically possible today…yeah that didn’t happen. My mom is not the sit down and relax kind, she’s gotta be moving like 24/7. It is infuriating when all you want to do is relax and recoup.

We loaded up every article of dirty clothing in the entire house, I spent approximately  $50 and 3 hours doing laundry. If you were to ask me how many of the 15 loads of laundry we did that were mine the answer would be around the 5-6 mark. My brother has waaaaaaaaay too many articles of clothing. After we washed and folded everything we came home, only to put said laundry away.

We left the house again to meet someone who wanted to buy the mirrored coffee table and get dinner. I think while we were eating was the first time I actually got to sit down somewhere that wasn’t my car. That lasted all of 40 minutes before we had to leave again to go grocery shopping. My fridge was bare and I needed lunches for this week.

I had to prep my lunches once we got back,  I started cooking and my mother went outside to clean my yard with my brother, I didn’t even realize she was doing that until I asked her to help me and she wasn’t sitting on the couch. After helping him she apparently moved into my garage because after I had packaged all my food up she came in and asked if I was ready to move my desk in, I stepped into a much cleaner garage than I’ve seen in over a month. This lady seriously has too much fucking energy.

She just informed me that she did 15,000 steps and approximately 7 miles today, according to her fitbit. I finally got her to bed, only because that energy level finally started to wane. Days like today make me glad she lives almost 3 hours away, she’s got too much spunk for me, I need space and time to chill and she’s busy zipping around looking for things to do. Shit.

Right before bed she found a lone sock on the floor of my bedroom and I thought she was going to cry. “I feel like all that work was for nothing now,” her mood swings are killer.

I think this is the first time in forever I’m actually glad to be going back to work just because I’ll have an excuse to sit on my ass all day tomorrow without feeling guilty.

Jokes aside, I love my mom and I appreciate everything she does for me even when it irritates the living hell  out me that she can’t just sit down for more than 10 minutes and relax.

I’m going to pass out now. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


One thought on “Day 157: Socks

  1. Thanks for all the hard work today ! You can go back to work knowing those things are done. I’m sure the chores were haunted you.


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