Day 158: Nights

Hello wild ones! Congratulations on getting through your Monday.

Big news, I may be switching to the night shift starting next week. Everything is still up in the air as of right now, but I should know tomorrow whether or not this is happening. Like everything in life there are pros and cons to night shift. Pros: empty office, little to no supervision, naps are allowed, no interruptions, no one asking for help, sleeping all day becomes acceptable.  Cons: not on the same schedule as family members, won’t get to see my work buddies as often, nights can be spooky. We will see what happens.

All of the ladies in my office are participating in a weight loss challe.nge, which I think is stupid. Why in the world would you want your coworkers to know your weight? I sure as fuck don’t want any of those blather mouth bitches to know how much I weigh, if one knows they all know. These women are already bitchy, I can’t imagine how much worse it’s going to get with them all starving themselves.

Being the fattest person in the office of course they asked if I wanted to join, which I took offense too. Fuck you guys, what does it have to do with me if you’re all unhappy with your bodies. I just think it’s super freaking rude to ask someone of they want to join a weight loss challenge. Just to be a real brat I thought about making sweets once a week and taking it to the office to see the looks of desperation in their starved faces.

Calm down Chelsea, don’t judge the silly broads for competing with each other. Their life, their body. Their life, their body.

Okay, I’m calm again. It got me thinking though that I seriously have been kind of slacking in the nutritional department as of late, so maybe I’ll kind of follow their rules and see how far I can get in 3 months. As of right now I weight 330 pounds, I’ve been teetering at this weight for about a month snd half now. So every Monday for the next 3 months my weight will be posted below my calorie counter.

Also, about ready to pass out. I feel like I’ve been going nonstop for weeks and my body is finally sputtering to a stop. I almost fell asleep at work. Everyone told me I looked tired and I was, still am.

Tonight I’m going to bed early, like right now early. Night!

Caloric intake: 1,728
Calories burned: 0

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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