Day 162: Whoops

Hello wild ones! I seriously did not realize it was so late. I was just about to go out into the garage to work on a new project when I realized it’s already almost 11 pm! Whoops!

It’s been a long day. I slept in this morning which was fantastic and when I say slept in I don’t mean my usual 1 or 2 hours past 5 am, I woke up at 9:30 this morning. Kinda messed my day up, but it felt wonderful to just sleep.

Today was thrift store shoppin day with my granny and before you get too excited I once-a-freaking-gain forgot to take pictures along the way. Which was stupid because we say some really cool stuff.

I tried not to carry my phone around just so my granny wouldn’t think I’m one of those people who can’t live without their phones, of course that backfired.

I can tell you that I spent a little too much money, but I got a few things I didn’t really need, but I told myself I did. Now that I have a desk in the living room I have to of course style the entire area. Our goal for the day was to find office/desk supplies and decor for the wall my desk sits against.


Here’s a few of the goodies I got. I’m already working on getting them painted, so that hopefully tomorrow you’ll have pictures of my new work area and at least 1 DIY. there may be 2 depending on how I’m feeling. Or I guess maybe I could give you 1 tomorrow and then 1 Sunday. Hmm. That sounds easier.

One of the other things I was searching for was a chair for my desk, but after not finding any that jumped out and demanded to be brought home with me M reminded me that I already have 3 chairs in my garage waiting to be dealt with. Wow. Talk already out buried treasure. I had forgotten all about my 3 matching brown chairs I bought.

Now that’s another project I’d like to have finished before I go back to work Monday night. The chair just needs a coat of paint and to be recovered, so that should be easy enough.

Tonight I’m going to try and stay away as long as I possibly can to help prepare for this coming week of night shifts. I just rented a few movies to watch while paint is drying and of course I’ve got stuff to do that should keep me busy until around 3 am or so. Oh, I guess I could also clean my house. Nah. I’ll do that tomorrow night. Tonight is going to be all about getting my desk area beautified.

Well, I’m going to get to work. Night kids!

Caloric intake: 1,668
Calories burned: who knows

Until tomorow, stay wonderfully wild!


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