Day 163: Almost there

Hello wild ones! I hope your Saturday has gone well.

I’ve been awake for approximately 12 hours now and I’ve got about 6.5 hours left to hit my goal. Tonight were trying to make it all the way to 5 am before passing out. Unfortunately, tonight the only tasks we have to help keep me awake is house work. Bleh.

The house does really need cleaning I just don’t feel like cleaning. Right now I’m waiting for the oven to preheat because along with adjusting my sleeping schedule also need to adjust my eating schedule. I had my first meal at around 12 pm today and I’ve had only a couple of small snacks since then, so I’m about to eat my next meal and then we’ll see how the rest of the night goes.

My desk area is just about complete. I’ve still got a couple of small things to do, but for the most part it’s done.


To celebrate almost being done I bring you our first tutorial for office organization. The calendar you see in the right hand side of the above photo.

I’m sure you’ve seen the paint chip calenders all over pintrest, I’ve been making them for a couple of years now to use in my home and professional life. They’ve all been different, but amazing.

The great thing about this type of calendar is that is super freaking easy to obtain a  really cool one of a kind piece. You only need a few basic supplies, patience, and very little skill.

Our supplies include a picture frame (any size, but I prefer super large ones when I can find them for cheap), wrapping paper of your choice, double sided tape, scissors, ruler, and most importantly paint chips. I always get mine from Walmart, I usually make a lap to check out if there’s someone working the paint counter first and then go back and start grabbing chunks of the colors that call my name. I suggest you take a purse and move quickly. This is not illegal obviously because they are there for you to take, but I’m sure the frown upon taking upwards of 50 at a time.

Now that we have all our crap, let’s get this shit show on the road.

This particular frame I’ve actually used before, it was the calendar that was in my old office at work. When we moved I didn’t have space to put it up on the wall, so it’s just been floating around the office and now that I have an office space at home I have a use for it again.


To start this one I had to first tear apart the other one, which really came in handy later. I didn’t want super bold colors due to the fact that my desk is a bright orange and I wanted a black and white background.


After tearing the old one to shreds we are left with just the backing of the picture frame.

This is where you start paying attention. The first thing you need to do is lay down some of the double sided tape in each of the corners of your frame backing.


Then you just lay the paper out over the backing and smooth it all out. Depending on the size of your paper you have two options from here. Option 1 is to just trim away the excess, of course this option works, but I swear every single time I go that route my paper snags on my scissors and tears a bit of the paper from where I need it on the backing. Option 2 is what I’ve been using lately, you just flip it over and tape down the excess to the back.


Just carefully snip in at each corner so you get clean folds and then fold into place and secure.


Now what I like to do is lay out all the paint chips I’ve acquired and decide which colors to use. As you can see I had 7 colors, so I could have very well just made each day of the week a different color, and I’ve gone that route before, but because my OCD starts to kick in when it comes to color organization I try to stay simple with my colors. The last few times I’ve done these calendars I’ve gone with 4 colors and just repeated 3 of them to get all the days making sure to make the weekend days the same color.


Here are my choices, I went with a pink, orange, mellow yellow, and then green and laid them out how I was going to adhere them to my board.

This is where things can get tricky, you have to decide how much space you want between each day and your rows and the edges of your board. It can get complicated. Luckily for me I just made one of these boards this size for my boss a couple of months back so I more or less knew how I wanted it to fit. One thing you have to pay attention to is whether or not you have to trim your paint chips to get them all to fit, I had to trim them because my Walmart has started carrying these weird chips that have 1 main color and then 2 lighter complimenting shades. I just snip the last color off making sure to take the little white border they give.

I placed a ruler against the edge and used that as my space from the outside and started by placing the first color block 3 inches down from the top of the board.


I lay everything out before I start taping anything done just to make sure that they are all going to fit the way I envision. When it’s time to start taping stuff down I do the bottom middle color first and then go straight up taping that entire column down. Once that’s done I move to the next color moving from top to bottom until we are at the outer color.

I swear no matter how careful I think I’m bring something is always inevitably just a little askew, so then I have to decide of I can live with it or if I have to carefully peel them back and move things around. Last night I decided I could live with them being slightly crooked, it’s not super noticeable or at least that’s what I keep telling myself to kee from tearing it off the wall and battling the double sided tape.


As you can see there would have been a ton of excess space, but I did that on purpose to add in this note section. Same color organization and I try to place then so they’re kind of in the middle of the rows.


Because I tore apart my old calendar I decided to reuse the labels I made for my last calendar because I thought they were super cute. Of course you’ll have to make your own labels. You can use any font you want or you can simply write them on the glass and just rewrite them every month. I always print labels and affix them to the actual calendar.


This time around I taped the printed labels to the part of the paint chip I snipped away and then placed them at the top of each column.

Once that is done you’re kind of finished. In the past I’ve printed labels for the top for the month to go, but this time sound I decided it was unnecessary.


The only thing left to do is fill it in and hang it up. I of course did those in the wrong order, I put mine up on the wall and then filled it in.


I really looks amazing on my wall and I feel like it’s going to keep me from getting off schedule.

I hope you enjoyed this quickie tutorial and that you make your very own calendar and of course send photos.

Tomorrow we will have another mini tutorial as well as some breakdowns of where I got my art that is now hanging in my desk area.

Enjoy the rest of your night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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