Day 164: Night Moves

Hello wild ones! The weekend is about to be over and I will unfortunately be going back to work tomorrow evening.

I did not meet my goal last night of staying up until 5 am, I only made it until midnight. It was a miracle I made it that long, but I tried to push through and failed. Watson and I slept until just about 12 pm, so tonight we will push through to 5 am and possibly later.

This new schedule is really turning my life upside down, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. Because this new schedule means I’ll never got to attend zumba again, I’ve decided on a new schedule that will ensure I get my workout in everyday.

As of right now that plan is to wake up at 3 pm, be at the gym by 3:30, work out until 4:30-4:40, and arrive at work at 4:50. Originally I had thought to get my workout in every morning after getting off work, but I think it will be better for me to workout before I go in to work. It will hopefully give me the energy I will need to make it through the 12 hour over night shift.

I’m doing something really stupid right now, I’m watching a movie that I thought wasn’t scary at all and it’s proving to be just a little more frightening than I thought. The dogs are no help, Lois is the only one in cuddling distance and all she can manage is to put her head on my ankle. Not very comforting. Watson is laying on the floor a few feet away just staring at the television. I kind of wish Wyatt would come home at sit in the living room with me so I wasn’t aline while watching this creepy shit.

Have you seen Crimson Peak? Maybe I’m just being a big baby, never been a fan of scary movies, but I try to make myself watch them because after all it’s only fiction. I’m only about 30 minutes in and I’m already wishing it was over.

We’ve got a plan for tonight as well to win sure I make it all the way until 5. After this horrid movie I’m going to bathe the babies, take a shower myself, and get this dang house cleaned. I may even head to the office to get some paperwork done if I get all the house work done early.

Well I’m going to bid you farewell for the evening.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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