Day 166: Night Deux

Hello wild ones! Sheesh, this time things got me all messed up.

So I had this whole blog post planned that is like an “I’m a bitch part 2,” but I’m strapped for time right now. Instead, you’re just going to get a fluff post.

I cannot for the life of me get my calories counted correctly because my meals times are messed up. When I’m having breakfast it’s dinner time and my dinner is breakfast for the next day, so I’m still trying to get that all logged correctly, but until I do you won’t get calories from me. Completely forgot to weigh in for you yesterday also, I did it this morning and I’m still holding at 330. I guess I need to push a little harder at the gym because 330 cannot be where I plateau.

I’ve got a possible job on the table, just need to update my resume and wait. Still trying to figure out where this company is and then see if I think it would be a good move. Already stressing about having to give my two weeks notice and I’m not even sure this is a job I would want to take.

I’ve already been practicing speeches in my head because if and when the time comes I don’t want to get emotional or lose my nerve. I know it’s time though. I got a phone call about crap that was going down at work today and I seriously contemplated turning around and going home after the gym instead of coming to work.

Doing OK on the energy level tonight. Last night kind of flew by and I don’t think I started to get tired until it was just about time to go home. I have some other work to do to keep my busy, so I think that’s helping.

Just took my lunch, so I’m going to post this, eat, and possibly watch a movie before I finish up in the back. That’s the other thing, if I do end up getting a job soon I have to make sure all of my work is done and beyond reproach, because I would hate to be one of those people who leaves and then everyone wonders what the hell they even did all day for their pay. Getting caught up will only take me a couple of hours, so tomorrow night I’ll take care of my work area in the back and make sure everything is very organized and comprehensive.

Tonight I’ve just got a few small things to clean up and then I’m going to just chill the rest of the night. So I’m going to eat my lunch and see you guys tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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