Day 168: Got Your Goat

Hello wild ones! Today is my Friday!  Yay!! I’m ready to spend the day cleaning my house and hanging with my dogs.

Let’s talk about goat milk. I love goat milk products. I’ve been using goat milk soaps for a while now and I love them. They make my skin feel fresh, soft, and lovely. Last week while in Devine and the surrounding area I rediscovered the goat milk lotion that I used way back in the day. Literally every store we went into was selling the line of goat milk products. Whoever these wonderful angels are that make these products also now have soap, lip balm, and new scents of their lotion.


Needless to say I grabbed everything I could get my hands on. 3 different soap scents, my favorite being candy cane because who doesn’t love peppermint.


I also grabbed a lemon wedge lotion and let me tell you this stuff is wonderful. Aside from the fact that the scent is to die for and so strong I can smell in all through the house after using it, but it’s not overpowering on the skin. It’s a light and airy scent that makes me think I’m walking through clouds. Wyatt loves it too, I keep catching him stealing it for his scaling skin.

The lip balm I was wary about because I’m a picky lip person, but this stuff is so freaking good it loves in my bathroom because I’m scared to carry it around and risk losing it or it melting. I’m terrible at keeping up with my lip products. I leave them in my purse that stays in my hot car or I just leave them wherever and never see them again. This one I’m guarding with my life until I can get more. I use it every morning and every night before I leave for work.

If you’ve never tried a product made with goat milk I highly suggest you make time to find some and give them a go. This particular brand is handmade in Texas and they have a website, oh right I forgot they have a site that I was going to check out to see if I can order online! I’m going to go do that now!

Oh man, you can order online. Excuse me while I go blow all of my hard earned money. If you’re interested into checking them out yourself the website is

This is cool. I’ve never visited the site before but they have all sorts of info about the herd of goats used for these products. The goats even have a blog!

See you tomorrow!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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