Hello wild ones! Guess what? I am writing today’s post from my home office area! WHOOP!

After grocery shopping with my mom in tow I came home and wrote out the rest of my expenses this week and realized that I had enough money to buy myself a monitor after all. So I made my mom load back up and we went to Wal-Mart for the second time since she has been home with me and now I finally have a work  space at home! WHOOP! I am seriously beyond excited  about having a home computer. I imagine this is how the first person who ever had a home computer felt. The world just seems full of possibility now.

In other news my mom did not let me stick to my schedule, I was told I had to be up by 10 am this morning because we were going to go and visit my granny. I still stayed up until around 3 am, but I did manage to wake up by 10 am and not turn into a raging bitch monster. Partly due to the fact that I showered, fixed my hair, and slapped some make-up on before leaving. Let me tell you I was looking CUTE today. I was staring at myself in my rear-view mirror more than I should have.

We took my granny to lunch in her little town and i bought something from their gift shop that I wish I could show you, but I think I’m going to give it as a gift and the person who will be receiving the very cute/cool thing I bought reads this blog. Perhaps if I decide to keep it for myself (don’t hold your breath) I’ll post pictures. They also had some really cute planners and little notebooks in the gift shop, which got my mom and I talking about how I created my own planner. She was impressed, so much so that we got a little binder for her while at Wal-Mart and I am going to put one together for her.

I like having mom here for these little visits, I would be going crazy if she was here all the time though. But I feel like all we do when she is here is clean, eat, and shop.Case in point, after leaving Granny’s we stopped at a little shop in Devine because I needed more goat’s milk chap stick and I was wary of buying it online because of how freaking hot it is here right now. We saw some cute stuff though.


Isn’t this just the cutest thing? A freaking ironing board made into a bar, so inventive.

20160618_185958.jpgOf course we went out for dinner and then I drug her along to help with my grocery shopping. Chips and queso all the way baby, I was feigning for some delicious beef enchiladas after my disappointing cheese enchiladas at lunch. Mi Mexico did not disappoint, their beef enchiladas are seriously the best I’ve ever had.  Now she’s relaxing on the couch, I just heard a yawn so she might be wanting to head to bed soon, and we are going to watch movies as soon as I am done with this post.

I better wrap it up, because she just told me if we don’t start watching something very soon I am going to fall asleep. Tomorrow we are going to talk some more about goat milk products because the stuff I ordered Thursday night came in the mail today!!! Could not believe it came so quickly, but more on that tomorrow.



Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!




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