Day 171:Jackpot

Hello wild ones! I hope your weekend was fun, tonight is my last night off and I still have so much to try and get finished. Before I forget, if you’re a father Happy Father’s Day! If you’re a mom and you’ve had to be a dad also, Happy Father’s Day!

To start I have to cook my lunches for this week, prep all my snacks, and make sure I have clean clothes for the week. Oh, well actually I don’t have to do that last thing because my mom did my laundry today before she left. She’s the nicest. Knowing that I needed to get back on my sleep schedule she let me sleep, did my laundry along with the few dishes that were in my sink, and then left. I left bad when I woke up though because she left with out saying goodbye, but when I sat down at my desk just a moment ago I discovered she must have been super bored this morning because she left me a note on my desk top. mom

Isn’t she cute? Of course when I text her in a few moments to let her know I saw her message I will leave out the fact that there was an error in her message. If you’re reading this…sorry mom, love you too!

Alright, so let’s jump into the real reason we all came here today. Goat’s Milk . As you know Thursday night I went a little crazy and ordered some stuff from NuLuv in Center Point, Texas and you also know that my products came in yesterday. I was beyond excited and impressed with the delivery. I was anxious about ordering products that I knew could melt with the heat down in here Texas, but I gambled and I hit the Jackpot.


I ordered 2 more bars of soap. one in the scent Lemon Wedge because I love the way my Lemon Wedge lotion smells and wanted to try the soap. The other scent is Coconut because I am a fool for anything Coconut scented. I also ordered a facial moisturizer because I know everyone is supposed to use one, but I’ve never found one that I liked or wanted to use everyday. Hopefully this one is different. The last thing I got was 2 bottles of Coconut lotion, 1 for me and 1 for Wyatt because he too loves Coconut. My grand total, with shipping, came out to 54.19, not bad for handmade products.

At this time I cannot give a review of the new soaps I bought through the website because I just started using the soap I bought just a week ago on my shopping excursion with my Granny. I can tell you that the soap I am currently using, it’s Sweet Almond by NuLuv, is great. The smell is mild and pleasant, texture is great though I always wish my soaps had more grit for exfoliating, but that can hardly be counted as a mark against the soap because it never claimed to be exfoliating. It feels great against my skin, very light and not at all greasy. My skin feels amazing after I get out of the shower.

The Coconut lotion I of course opened  right away because I could not wait to smell it and rub it all over my hands. The smell is out of this world, some Coconut scents can be very overpowering or get obnoxious after some time, not the case with this lotion. It’s akin to the smell of old school sunscreens, you know how Bananaboat used to have that slightly tropic smell, it’s like that but better. I’m in love.

Lastly the facial moisturizer. I’ve applied it twice at this point and I can honestly say I have very high hopes for this stuff. In the past every single moisturizer I have tried has left my skin feeling greasy or tacky, not this stuff. It goes on smooth like butta and soaks into my skin rather quickly. Very light in both the feel and smell, you just get a faint whiff of something that I can old described as clean and in an instant the smell is gone. No one has told me my face smells like rancid milk, so of course that is a plus. Today after I applied it I went to the gym and I did not sweat profusely like you sometimes do with lotions. It’s been about 6 hours now since I applied it and my face is only a tad greasy, which is normal for me. My skin feels so soft. Just touched my cheek to check the oil level and it just feels soft and supple. Again, very high hopes after these 2 applications. Of course this is one of those things that can start out well enough and turn bad after just a few days, so I will check in after a week and report any unusual occurrences or let you know if it is meeting/exceeding my expectations.

If you are from Texas and have not already gone to check out the website, go do so now if you’re looking new skin care products.

A wave of weariness just swept over me. I need to get up and move around a bit because I feel like I could go lay down and take  a nap, well I guess I could go and grab a nap…Nah. I don’t trust myself to not just sleep through the night. Wyatt is watching the NBA finals right now, so I can’t finish the movie I was watching until the game is over. Perhaps I’ll go and prep my snacks for this week or start cooking up my chicken stir-fry.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend kids. Night.


Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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