Day 173: Switches

Hello wild ones! I received some really lovely words of encouragement this morning after the mishap of missing my posting time. I just wanted to once again say thank you to missionshedit2016 for taking time out of her day to help pick me up off the ground.

I guess when I switched to night shift last week I thought this was not going to be a permanent change and treated the change in my schedule was just temporary. Now, I’m realizing that I should not have been so blase about this major change in my life. Because this used to be an activity I preformed at the end of my day I’ve been finding it difficult to remember to post before 12 am, so in order to rectify the situation I will be posting before I go to bed every morning. I just want to get back to gushing at the end of my day about everything that has happened, so that is what we are going to do.

Of course I had to go ahead and post this update before time has run out this evening, but you will get another post in the morning around 6 am ish. I really like working nights, I feel like I should have always just worked nights, but there are a few glaring drawbacks.

Firstly, the blogging problem, but we already have a solution to that problem.

Secondly, I’ve been eating like shit. I don’t know if it’s my body still trying to get in the rhythm of being up all night, so I’m craving sugar like all night long. Not even exaggerating, I am feigning for some chocolate right now. The sugar cravings could also be attributed to my hormones, my period has just been rearing it’s ugly head and decided to be extremely unpredictable this go around. Last week I started my period unexpectedly while at work and consequently had to run home and get clean clothes and then just as swiftly as it came on it was gone again, but then yesterday it started all over again, but just for the night. I’ve never had any kind of consistency with my menstrual cycle, but seriously this is getting ridiculous. Also, I’ve had a cup of coffee almost every night. I never drink coffee and because I have been drinking coffee I’ve been slacking on my water intake. I just made myself a cup of iced coffee, so as of right now I’ve had one liter of water and one 16 oz glass of coffee.

Thirdly, it’s put me at odds with my family’s schedule. My poor mother never knows when she is allowed to call me. I haven’t really gotten to speak to my sister. I think the only person I’ve gotten to see or speak to is my brother, which is good because he is the one I live with. The dogs are confused, poor Watson has been sleeping all day with me and I’m sure he’s still sleeping at night until I get home. Those poor babies.

Lastly, it can be inconvenient to sleep the day away. Yesterday, I discovered that there is a screw in my passenger rear tire. Fuck my life. I bought my tires from Discount Tires a couple of years ago and of course I got a lifetime warranty on them, which means I have to take my car all the way to San Antonio to get my tires fixed. I cannot do that until Friday morning, so I have to keep an eye on the tire. I’m sure there are going to be other things that I need to do during the day and I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, hopefully there are no trolls beneath those bridges.

Well I will of course be checking in again just a few short hours. Have a wonderful night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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