Day 176: Finances

Hello wild ones! Today is Friday!  Hip-hip-horay!

I did not make it to the gym yesterday afternoon before work, however I did go this morning before coming home. That’s something I gues. I’ve realized I may need help, like the professional kind. I’ve got no freaking clue how to work out effectively. The only workouts I remember are from gym in high school and lord knows if those are doing me any good because I’ve yet to loose anymore weight.

I really need someone to show me what I should be doing and then hold me accountable every week for my progress or lack thereof. I need help.

Because I need help from a personal trainer I took a look at my finances last night and was disgusted with myself. For the month of July I will bring home approximately  $2,000 more than my bills. $2,000. What?! How is this possible? I feel like I’m barely scraping by, but the calculator is proving otherwise. That made my stomach turn. What have I been spending my money on? It’s making me ill again. Now, for the month of July I will receive 5 pay checks, which is one more than normal, but still I should have more to show for the money coming into my household. Something has got to change.

I vow that for the month of July I will not eat out more than twice a week. I will not buy shit I do not need. I will pay all my bills on time. I will save money. And more importantly I will pay for a personal trainer because I need help.

Now, I’ve got to get to sleep because in only a few short hours I have to be up to go into town. We have to deal with that screw in my tire. Night kids! Have a lovely day.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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