Day 177: Neverending Cycle

Hello wild ones! Welcome to the weekend. Please enjoy your stay.

A short 24 hours ago I posted a promise that I wouldn’t spend my money on foolish crap anymore, I’ve already sort of broken that promise.

It all started innocently enough. I woke up around 1 ish, took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, put some makeup on, and waited for S (I don’t think I’ve mentioned this person by name just yet, but it’s the aforementioned best friend that I had not spoken too in a month or so) to arrive so we could set off to get my tire repaired. Because we were going to be in San Antonio anyway S asked if we could shop around for swimwear, of course I obliged. As soon as we stepped into Target I knew I wasn’t going to leave without looking at the bedding.

After weeding around the clothing for a bit I lead her to the bedding department that haunts my dreams and I took a nose dive from a very steep cliff. So many pretty things. Firstly I found sheets that were soft, light, and adorable, by some stroke of luck they were on sale so those were a quick grab. Of course since I was getting new sheets I had to look for a comforter because the color I had chosen would not match my current quilt. Weaving up and down every aisle we touched every blanket they had to offer, balked over prices, and finally settle with just a cute grey micro queen size blanket that was only $20. From there we headed back to the swimsuits where is spent my time mulling over my choices.

I had picked out mint colored sheets and the Grey blankey, but there had been this really pretty grey and white quilt that I had fallen in love with. It had scalloped trim! Oh it was so cute, but the $60 price tag had S slapping my hands away.

So once again I made her take a turn down bedding avenue and we fought again over the fact that I wanted the pretty quilt and she very smartly pointed out that I could not afford it at this time. I settle for a bright pink quilt and then had to change my sheet color because I felt the mint with the pink was just a little too much color for me.


I did shoot this one picture while waiting for her to try on a two piece that she wasn’t sure about. So I walked out of Target with a new set of sheets and a matching quilt. Now, I immediately started having buyers remorse and had to keep reminding myself that the sheets I currently have I’ve been using for over 5 years now and that it was time to get some new ones so I at least had another set. I wanted to get the same sheets, but they’re way out of my price range at this time, perhaps that will be my Christmas present to myself. So I spent less than $100 and got the items I needed.

Wish I could say my little spree ended there.  Months back I mentioned that Target had some really cute pillow cases with writing on them and that I wanted to create my own, well since I was getting new bedding anyway I decided I should grab some white pillow cases and try my hand at recreating them. Of course I was not going to pay $20 for plain pillowcases at Target, so we went across the street to Ross, which we should not have done.

Another $80 down the tube on 2 sets of white pillow cases, a pair of cat flats that were too cute to pass up, 3 new pairs of yoga pants (in my defense they were only $11 each), and a really cute flamingo print for my bedroom. It could have been worse. I found yellow plates, luckily S was there to once again to help me see that I didn’t need them. Also, they only had the full size plates in yellow, no bowls or matching salad plates.

After shopping we had an early dinner that we both regretted. The two of us make questionable decisions about food and movies when we’re together. We decided on Buffalo Wild Wings and as soon as our friend pickles came out we remembered why we hadn’t been there in so long. We don’t really like it all that much. Kept us from over eating though, so there’s that I guess.

We made one more stop before coming home, Walmart to grab fabric paint, which totally could have waited because I don’t even have a plan of attack yet for the pillowcases. She went home and then I made my grocery list.

So last night I got all of my errands done, if I wanted I could stay in my house for the next 3 days. I won’t, but just knowing I could makes me happy. I even started deep cleaning my kitchen! Tonight I’ll finish the kitchen and move on the living room and then finish up my room.

It’s really freaking sad that I’ve lived here for almost a full year and still have not out anything on my walls of my room. I am going to remedy that. As soon as I’m done with the kitchen and living room I’m going to rearrange my room and make it look like I actually live here. For now though I’m going to make my bed and then crawl into it with the dogs and sleep.



Wow, please ignore the mess that is my dresser…

Stay tuned for all the cleaning adventures and to find out if we are taking a river trip on Sunday!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

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