Day 181: Genie in a Bottle

Hello wild ones! Happy hump day. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, be careful what you wish for, for unknown reasons wishes were on my mind yesterday morning. I thought about what my 3 wishes would be if I found a genie in a bottle. I’m gonna warn you now that my wishes are selfish/selfservicing because I’m not going to waste wishes on stuff that’s never going to happen. World peace? Ha, never going to happen. We’re taught early in life to fear that which is different from us, jealousy is just part of being human, so there will always be turmoil. Sad fact, but there it is. 

So here’s my list, in no specific order.

1. I wish I weighed about 100 pounds less. 

2. I wish I always had the exact amount of money in my pocket for all purchases.

3. I wish I could find someone to love me for who I am.

Now that you’ve read my selfish wishes I’m going to show how they could go ary and why we should be careful what we wish for.

1. My weight.This is one of those wishes I’d have to word just right. You get some smart ass genie who would just make me an amputee or some crazy shit. I guess I’d have to ask for a lower BMI, but that gets complicated too because he could just make me taller or some dumb shit. Like I said tricky wording. I’d have to get real specific or end up even more unhappy with my body than I already am. Who’s to say that weighing less would be beneficial to my self esteem, sure it would help my health, but I’m afraid that no matter how much I weigh I’ll still have a problem being naked, or at any stage of undressing, in front others.

2. Money. This is the one I’m not worried about the wording, just about the tax implications and inconvenience of having to pull tons of money out of my pocket. Also, again smart as genie who is very specific about it being the same pocket for the rest of my life. Hello, it would also mean I always have to wear pants or an outfit that had pockets. Problematic. 

3. There are already people in my life that love me for who I am, or at least I hope my family loves me for me. Even if I changed that to that I wanted a man to love me, I’ve got my brother who is technically a man. Plus, just because someone loves me doesn’t necessarily mean I would love them. They could be some creep in prison, who the hell knows. 

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, Chelsea will these things really make you happy? To that I say, yes I think so. I like to say/pretend that I’m happy right now, so having more money, less body fat, and someone to love sounds like a winning situation. I do have to admit that those aren’t my true wishes, if wishes were a real thing that could be granted. 

I’d actually probably wish to go back in time and retain the knowledge I have now if it were possible. I’ve done some things I’d like to change despite the fact that they would change important things about who I am today. 

I’d wish that no one I love ever had to want for anything or had to suffer. Knowing my loved ones are well cared for is really important to me. One day I’ll tell you about my dream. 

Lastly, I’d wish just to be able to do whatever makes me happiest. This one is attainable in the way that I could do more things that make me happy, but my full wish is to be able to never do anything that makes me unhappy. Which is just unrealistic. The littlest things make me unhappy, things that used to make me happy sometimes make me unhappy. I guess I just wish I didn’t have to work so hard just to live. Do you understand what I mean? 

What would your wishes be? If I was your fairy godmother and I told you that I was here to grant you 3 wishes what would you wish for? 

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



One thought on “Day 181: Genie in a Bottle

  1. 3 hmmm…
    (1) That all those I love and care for had all they needed and wanted.
    (2)That laura would quit bring strays home under the pretense that they are gifts.
    (3) never ending funds to help everyone that works to hard and never gets to live.

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