Day 183: Happy

Hello wild ones! It’s Friday, hopefully you have something fun planed for your weekend. I will be at work Saturday night, so my weekend is kind of being cut short. Not like I was going to do anything super exciting anyway.

So, I have been pondering the things that make me happy as well as the the things that make me unhappy/emotional. Here’s what I have come up with so far.

Things that make me happy: (in no particular order)

My dogs.20150718_082643.jpg Just look at those stinkers. They are the cutest little babies and I just love everything about them, even when they are being holy terrors and I want to ring their necks.

Reading. I don’t know that this one requires any explanation, but I used to read all the time. Now not so much. I want to get back to that book hungry girl I was before.

Music. I love to sing at the top of my lungs and prance around my house.

Food. Yea, insert fat kid joke here, but this one is serious. If you’ve ever shared a meal with me, which obviously about 99.9% of you have not you would have seen me at some point dance my way through a meal. It’s not something I do on purpose, just a spur of the moment happy dance. sad but true.

My family. Most of the time they drive me completely insane, but hanging with them does make me happier in the long run…

My friends. The few that I do have know how to pick me up. Just last night M rode with me, for no other reason than she could tell I needed company, to pick up my lunch so we could talk.

Working on furniture. Not only was this something that kept me from sitting around all damn day, but I really enjoyed working and creating something with my hands. I need to get back to working on stuff just for me and quit worrying about what other people think.

Movies. I love movies. If someone suggested an all day film festival I’d be all over that. My favorites of course are the older ones, I could watch Humphrey Bogart in Sabrina a million times and never tire of his voice.

You guys. Having a place to collect my thoughts has been wonderful, you guys have been wonderful. If I am not mistaken we are up to about 20 followers, which is amazing! Thank you!

Things that make me not so happy:

Social media/my addiction. It may not be an actual addiction, of course I have a flair for the dramatics, but it has become a problem. I’m constantly checking Facebook for no other reason than to check Facebook. It’s inane. I hate 85% of the people I’m friends with and the stupid shit they post, but I’m forever checking to see what is happening and it’s always nothing. This has also messed with my focus, I find it harder to focus on one task because; hey if I am already sitting down I could be checking social media instead of watching this movie I love, or giving my family member my full attention. I think that bothers me more than anything. I’m tired of needing to be stimulated, so in order to deal with this one I deleted the app from my phone. Next week, after announcing it dramatically just in case there is someone one my friends list I actually like and I don’t already have their number, I will be deleting my account.

Idiots. They are out there people and they out number us. It’s not as though I can avoid those people who refuse to use their common sense, but I am going to work on letting their stupidity bother me. This morning on my way home from work I stopped to do my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart because I knew it was already open (it never closes) and I did not want to leave it until tonight. Big mistake. Early in the morning there is only one cashier and they usually aren’t the bright crayon in the box, today was no exception. The guy in front of me was buying acetone and Wal-Mart has a limit on the amount of acetone you can buy in one purchase (who knew), so a manager had to get involved and he just told her to split them up into separate purchases, which in my opinion defeats the purpose of having a limit on an item, but who I am to tell Wal-Mart how to do business. This did not irritate me, it’s not like I was in a hurry, just chillin in line reading the front of magazines, the thing that did irritate me was this woman’s obvious lack of common sense. They were going to have to make 8 different purchases and the guy was paying cash to expedite things, if only that had actually worked. The first total was $4.81, he hands her a $20, she rings up his change only to discover she only has one 5 dollar bill, this is where I started to snort with derision, instead of just giving him ones that she ultimately would be handed straight back because we still had 7 more purchases to do with same total she called for her manager to get her  dollar bills. WTH? I was fine waiting because of their policies, it certainly wasn’t this guys fault that they had such a policy, I was not fine waiting for someone to bring her change that she did not need. I just stood there shaking my head, rolling my eyes, and telling myself not to let it bother me more than it already was. I hate being rude, but I nearly could not smile and pretend like I wasn’t pissed I had to wait so long. Man that was a long explanation…sorry for the rant.

Rudeness. Just use your best manners people. I don’t like to be rude to people, I’d much rather smile and make nice, but the rest of the world does not share that mentality.

TV shows. After talking to M last night I realized I cannot not take the constant up and down of TV shows when romance is supposed to be the main focus. I’m a romantic with too much empathy to be watching the same person get their heart broken over and over and over and over and over and over again. It hurts.

Being broke. Working on this one already. Last night I laid out a financial plan for this month because just having all my bills written down in one place was not helping me to visualize my month in financial terms. I made a detailed list of which bills need to be paid with within each pay period, so I can check them off as I go along and see before it even happens how much money I should have left after my bills are paid. Remember a few days back when I got mad at myself because I have more than enough money..yea turns out that was not the case for this month after all. After deducting my bills straight from my pay check amount I discovered I will only have a surplus of about $800 for the month, that’s not including groceries…so I don’t know what the hell I was thinking before, but luckily I decided to make that check list or I would be waving my money around like an idiot this month.

Being unorganized. Working on this as well. My life just seems to go smoother when I know there is a plan in place that I can follow, so I am making said plans and sticking to them.

I am sure I could sit here all day and think of things that make me happy or unhappy, but instead I am going to go and get dressed for dinner.

What are the things that make you happy?

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!




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