Day 185: Pancakes 

Hello wild ones. The weekend is coming to a close very rapidly and Monday is just around the corner. 

I’m sorry you didn’t get my post this morning but I stayed up much later than I intended and the the time I made it to bed I was crashing. Pancake cravings really messed me up this morning. 

My mood has finally leveled back out. I was laughing, dancing, and singing in the car this morning on the way home. It’s those impromptu moments where I smile without evening thinking about it that makes me thunk I must be a “happy” person, but now I’m starting to think maybe there is no such thing as a “happy” person or an “unhappy” person. We’re complex creatures with a deadly mix of emotions, no one person can be happy all the time and no one can be sad all the time. So instead of dwelling on whether or not I’m a “happy” person I’m just going to focus on trying to live my life so that I have more happy moments than the down ones.

To do this I need to work on my perspective. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but sometimes I can be a Debbie downer and I’ve already told you I’m a pessimist. But that doesn’t mean I can’t fix my line of thinking, so that I don’t always jump to worse case scenario. 

I just don’t want to be scared anymore, I said it yesterday and I’m saying it again. I’m so tired of being scared of everything. So the next time a little black cloud of doubt pops in my head I’m going to try to help myself see the silver lining. 

It’s been suggested that I seek professional help. I’m a 26 year old woman who’s never gone to the OB and I’m told that it’s time I start going, maybe there’s something I can do to help get my hormones under control. So at least you’ve got a super awkward post to look forward too for when I find an OB. 

Well my sister just invited me to dinner, so I need to get out of bed and put on some clothes. Bleh! Tonight I’m going to clean the house and move things around. I’ve been stagnant for too long. 

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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