Day 186: Outlines

Hello wild ones and if you’re a fellow American happy fourth of July!

I hope Monday didn’t suck too much, mine did just a little because my family decided to completely disregard the fact that I had to work tonight and wake me up at 1:30 pm. Jerks. Apart from that and the fact that I went to bed this morning with a major headache the day wasn’t terrible.

Said headache was the reason I didn’t post this morning, I could not stare at my phone screen or computer to save my life. Seriously might be time to consult a doctor about how frequently I’m getting these headaches that don’t dissipate with sleep.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll call and make an appointment for Monday.

I am at work right now and I have some sort of exciting news…I’m doing a spot of writing. One of the novels I was working on got lost a while back and I haven’t thought about it for a bit because every time I did it just made me mad that I lost all my work, but lately I’ve been pondering the idea to just restart that particular story line. I started working on it Saturday night when I remembered that inspiration had come from a really juvenile attempt of mine from a few years back, so revisited the work printed the few pieces I wanted to work into the new line and started organizing my thoughts. Before I started this post I was working on the Prelude, but I think I’m going to stop before I get ahead of myself and work out an outline and then make a schedule for myself, so that this one actually gets finished. Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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