Day 187: Slackin No More

Hello wild ones! Happy Tuesday!

A couple of days ago I changed my phone’s lock screen because it was time for a change and I stumbled across one that was perfect.Quit

I found it where I look for everything, Pinterest. I saved it to my phone and immediately changed my lock screen to this wonderful creation,  you can view the  Original Here. Seriously in love. I’m a sucker for anything that mixes girly with curse words. Oh my.

I chose this particular background because I wanted to be constantly reminded that instead of playing on my phone or sitting around I could be doing something to help myself get where I want to be. It’s sort of worked. I’ve taken some steps in the right directions and I intend to keep walking down this path.

Pinterest really is my go to site, last night while trying to figure out how to make myself successful in actually finishing a novel before I’m 80 I stumbled across a blog post by Karen A Kieffer  and was quickly sucked into her world. She has so many helpful resources it’s unbelievable, printable upon printables that walk you through each step of working a novel. I quickly signed up for her FREE 7 day e-course, I will be going through day 2 shortly, and I can honestly say that for the first time I feel like I can get where I want to be with my writing. If you’re struggling through the process of trying to make your dreams a reality please go check out her blog and help yourself.

After completing Day 1 I started working through The Epic Novel Plan For Lady Boss Champions and just having a clear cut pat to follow has helped keep the flood gates open.I swear I’ve thought of nothing else since I started working last night. There are a million other things I should be thinking about, but I am trying to stay focused until I have a plan in place.

I’m taking better control of the other parts of my life as well, starting with my workout routine, or lack thereof. I’ve mentioned before that I have no idea what I am doing in the gym when it comes to weights or any of the lifting apparatus. Pinterest to the rescue again…oh man, hey can I get a sponsorship? Probably not…

I saved a few different workout routines from several sources and then complied my own plan for this week. 20160705_190220 Look, I’m using my planner!! So as you can see I’ve made a little plan for everyday, Monday was leg day, Tuesday is arms, Wednesday is legs and core, Thursday arms and core, and Friday should be legs…whoops just realized I wrote in the wrong workout. Oh well.

Here’s a breakdown of my workouts for this week.20160705_190235Everyday I am going to do at least an hour of cardio at the gym. Today I trudged my way through one full hour on the stationary bike, goodness I was sweating up a storm. L


Look at that! 10.21 miles! Tomorrow morning I am going to try and multitask because sitting in the same place for an hour no matter how hard I’m peddling still gets stagnant. Perhaps I’ll blog while on the bike, it will at the very least take my mind off the timer.

You’ll notice that in my planner on Friday we have some shopping and packing to do! Saturday I am going to the river! This is especially exciting because I’ll have an actual camera to take photos with! Be on the lookout for some amazing pictures of my doggies in the water with their floaties.

I better get started on Day 2 so I can get back to work on my actual work…hehe


Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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