Day 188: Reachin High

Hello wild ones! Happy Wednesday! We’ve, well, I’ve only got one more day of work and then I’m free for the weekend! Cannot wait!

Today is leg day, so I am taking a little break between my sets of lunges to bring you today’s post, and of course trying to catch my breath and gets my legs to stop shaking.

I did a rough outline of my novel last night. I’m calling it a rough outline because I kind of just quickly wrote down all the events I want to take place and the order in which feels most organic for them to happen. After roughing that all out I went back and typed the outline, adding things where they needed to be added, moving things around, and trying to flesh out the story in a way that I think will make my life easier when it comes to following my own story line.

Never thought I was a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl until last night’s lesson from She’s Novel. I am apparently a panser, or someone who just writes without having a plan, someone who just flies by the seat of her pants. That method hasn’t worked out for me very well in the past, so I am trying to follow her suggest of pre-writing/planning out my novel.

The idea seemed so strange to me, pre-writing my novel…what does that even mean? Literally asked myself that question out loud during the lesson. But after learning about the process I realized that it could be very beneficial to at the very least try it out.

In the past the only thing I’ve ever really kind of planned or did some serious thinking on was my characters, but I just kind of glossed over and focused on the basics ie: their appearance and relationship to their counterpart, I only briefly asked myself serious questions about who my character was. That put me in some corners when I couldn’t figure out how to have them react to something or I would just have them voice some opinion only to have them contradict that very opinion later.

Not productive.

But I am trying to learn from my mistakes, so this time around I really fleshed out my two main characters. In order to do this I first gave them a face and then a body, from their I gave them a personality (some of this feels like playing God and I hate to admit I really love it), but there’s more that goes into a person. I moved on by picturing the person going through a day of their life, because to me it’s all those little things that only you do that make a person. Everyone wakes up, brushes their teeth, put clothes on, goes out to greet the day, works, eats, poops, comes home, and then goes back to sleep, well most people do some combination of those things.

I pictured how Scarlett, my heroine, would interact with those around her and from there. How would she deal with stress? What was she going to do when she got home every night? What is her favorite song, book, movie, color, time of year? While answering these questions I gave her quirks, figured out who she really was, and then used that information to develop her more fully.  What is her ambition in life? What are her goals?

I ended up with a main character I happen to like and from her just like the fable of God taking a rib from Adam I used what I had discovered about her to build her Beau (that’s his actual name, don’t judge).

After I had them I started on secondary characters and then tertiary characters, which seemed silly at the time, but at least this way I have a list of people I can work with a brief/vague description of their demeanor for later use. Now I don’t have to worry about someone popping up that I was not prepared to deal with, I’ve been known to write in a character for no reason other than to move things along and then I have no idea what to do with them.

As of right now my plan is to have my outline ready to work off of by Friday, I could work off of what I have now, but I need to bounce some ideas verbally off of M because there are a few things I’m still considering.

I still have to go through 5 more days (including today) of the e-course, but I’m seriously excited still. If I’m not mistaken today is going to be all about making an action plan and I’m ready for that.

Something she touched on last night was that I have to write everyday, at first I cut myself slack by saying, “Already doing that, I blog everyday.” That was a serious cop out because we both know I don’t always spend at least 20 minutes writing and there are days I literally give you like 2 minutes of my time.

Starting tonight (was going to say tomorrow, still trying to combat the procrastination instinct) I am going to write for at the very least 20 minutes. Right now that may just be notes for this particular novel, but I’m hopeful that because of all the energy coursing through me I may be able to get some workable scenes. After tonight’s session though I am going to go through my planner and carve out 20 minutes of each morning (not my morning, but the actual morning when the sun comes up and the roosters crow) to sit down and give Scarlett and Beau my full attention.

For now I need to get my stupid leg workout done and I’m starting to get hungry. Night kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!




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