Day 189:Dangerous

Hello wild ones! My weekend is just right around the corner, roughly 11 hours and I’m a free woman again. YAY!

I need to start making a list of all the crap I need to get done tomorrow, guess that is something I can do after posting this entry.

My arms are killing me. This morning I did my arm workout and barely made it through 2 rounds of the weights, everything was on fire. I think maybe instead of doing arms twice a week I need to do them three times a week. My upper body strength is seriously lacking. Perhaps I’ll run through them again in the morning.

Completed day 3 of my e-course last night, made a little plan for myself to finish outlining and planning so I can move on the main event next week. This lesson was less exciting than the previous two, but still super informative and helpful.

I am so hungry right now. I’ve been up since 3 pm (its just about 7 pm my time) and I have yet to put anything in my mouth other than water. SO HUNGRY! I can barely concentrate because I just want to eat, oh hey I found some gum! I’ll chew on that until I’m done here. Running out to get lunch right after I post this. I wish my favorite place was open because I would kill for one of the sandwiches I love, but by the time I get out of here it will be closed.

Just got a text that the river trip may not be happening…My brother has to work and S just informed me that she had a friend ask her to go wedding dress shopping. If the damn river wasn’t 2 hours away I would just go by my damn self. Sheesh. I guess we can try again next weekend.

Pintrerest is seriously a dangerous site for me to have access to.  Last night I watched a video of someone building their own rustic headboard and I fell in love. That one video sparked an hour of searching through YouTube for more videos and then about 2 hours of searching through Pinterest, good grief there are so many pretty things on Pinterest. Oh man oh man. Now I want to just go out, buy lumber, and build my own bed.

Unfortunately for me I’m not very confident in my woodworking skills and the person I would typically turn to in this situation is battling some kidney stones. Oh what to do. I guess for now I will just sketch out what I think I want and then maybe ask him how difficult it would be for the two of us to accomplish. I know I can wait until he is feeling up to helping me, of course I just wish it was this weekend since I now seem to have nothing to do Saturday.

If everything goes how I would like it to (not going to hold my breath) maybe we will have a post about how I built my very own bed! If you would like to go check out my Pinterest click here. I’ve saved the beds I’m using as inspiration in the Apartment board.

Now I am going to get my chow on. BYE!


Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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