Day 191: Still Cleanin’

Hello wild ones! Saturday is upon us and I still have some major cleanin to do. 

Seriously spent the majority of last night cleaning my kitchen. I moved my fridge, stove, cleaned out the pantry, and wiped everything down. 

It looks wonderful in there though. I moved the China cabinet out in the garage so I can work on it tonight. 

Also took an early morning trip to Walmart to get paint and some other things I probably didn’t really need. I had to grab some small mason jars for overnight oats and light bulbs, totally forgot the light bulbs and ended up buying a bunch of crap. 

I bought new silverware, paint, a few tee shirts, stencils for my pillow cases, brushes for said stencils, and paint for the pillow cases. 

So tonight, I’m going to clean the living room, paint my pillow cases, paint my China cabinet, and start cleaning my bedroom. 

Right now I need to get something in my belly because I’m starving. I have a blog post planned about the overnight oats, that will probably go up tomorrow early morning. 

See you then kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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