Day 199: Plans

Hello wild ones! I way over slept today, it’s currently 9 pm my time and I just rolled out of bed about 15 minutes ago. Whoops.

I’m excited to say that my work schedule is changing just a bit for my benefit! From now on I will have Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays off. That means I can go back to Zumba! Starting tomorrow I will be a regular again at my old zumba class on Monday nights. I feel like I’ve fallen off track (again) lately and I want to be back in my supportive community, so we’re going back.

Tonight I was supposed to have dinner with a friend, but I slept my day away and she forgot, so I don’t feel like a total jerk for sending an “I’m sorry” text. Although, now I’ve got to russell up my own grub for tonight. Maybe I’ll have fish and cabbage…hmmm now all I can think about is food.

Tomorrow’s post should be a reveal of the china cabinet make over. As soon as I am done with my dinner I will be applying what I hope is the last coat of paint and then deciding if I need to distress or not. And I think maybe Tuesday will include a recipe or two.

Meal prep will go down tomorrow night and I’ve got some new recipes to try out, so I was thinking I could just take you into my kitchen for a little food adventure. I just have to remind myself to take freaking photos during the process or at the very least of the finished product before I eat.

I’m sorry to say that the overnight oat recipes I tried were a bust, at least for me. It was just wet, tasteless mush. So I am still on the hunt for a healthy meal, I may need to just go back to having smoothies, but first I have to buy a new blender. Mine was never all that great at making smoothies and is kind of pooped out now from being forced to make all those smoothies for months. However, whatever I decide will have to wait until Friday because we are broke for the week.

I paid all my bills, put money into my bed making fund, and am telling myself that there is no money in my checking account in the hopes that I won’t spend what little there is before next payday. I need to spend some time searching for finance blogs on this site, perhaps I’ll find one that will be helpful to my situation.

Alright, the rumbly in my tumbly (bonus points to the person who can tell where that phrase comes from) cannot be ignored any longer, I’m gonna go start cooking. I hope you have a fabulous Monday morning.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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