Day 209: Not So Pleasant Surprise

Hello wild ones! Hump day can mean only one thing, I’ve got just one more day of work this week and I’m free! There are some plans in place for Friday night, so I switched days with my counterpart. Not gonna share those plans just yet because knowing me they’ll probably change.

The new recipes were tested last night and they were mild successes. The shrimp wasn’t really something I would make or eat again, it just didn’t really taste like anything. That could very well be my fault, but I think shrimp is just a very light dish and should be treated as such; the sauce was too heavy, so we will not be making that particular recipe again.

The brussell sprouts were delicious, tangy and scrumptious; will make again and again.

Lastly we have the chili pineapple chicken, now this one I’m torn over. It’s good, but just not great. Maybe there would have been a difference if I had actually gotten to grill the chicken instead of baking, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I may try again and grill the chicken as they suggest and see if that makes a difference. Tonight I ate my chicken inside a pita pocket and it paired very nicely with the mustard, pepper jack cheese, onions, and arugula, I used the salad as my side dish because last night the salad was just not enough to appease my hunger.

I did some reading last night/this morning, I’m actually going to finish the book once I’m done with this post. Although I don’t necessarily have to, I’ve read this particular book so many times the pages show some serious wear and tear. I’ve really got to get some new books. Every book in my library has been read and reread a hundred times or more and I’m hungry for new adventures.

Lois left a gift for me to find when I woke up this afternoon, she decided to chew on my shoes and completely destroy the back of my tennis shoes. Unfortunately I only had one pair, so I am tennis shoeless until Friday when I can make time to go and buy a new pair. I hate shoe shopping. I have rather large feet for a woman which typically means I have to settle for buying a pair of men’s shoes. Then I have to try and find a pair that don’t look overly masculine, fit, and that I actually like. First world problems I know, but sheesh I wish there was a way for me just circumvent the entire process of finding new shoes.

We made some headway in the new book. The prologue and first couple of chapters have been written, which is amazing. Now I am going to set the goal of completing a chapter a week until the entire thing is all wrapped up. So by the end of this week chapter 3 should be finished and we will move on to chapter 4. Exciting!

It’s not time just yet for our quarterly review of the progress made in my yearly goals, but this week I made some more progress on raising my credit score! My car loan is finally in my name. I made brief mention of this in Monday’s post. It’s been in my mother’s name since she bought the car a few years back, but I’ve been making the car payments and driving the darn thing for almost just as long. I decided it was finally time to start getting credit for making all those payments on time, so we went to the bank Monday and took care of that. Now all I’ve got to do is start paying off my school loans and I’ll be set.

Alrighty, I’m anxious to get back to my book, so I say farewell for tonight.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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