Day 215: Gross

Hello wild ones! I sincerely hope that your week is going well thus far. It is my sincere hope that all your days go well.

I had planned on taking a break from the period talk to give you a short update on meal prep for this week, but then I had a phone conversation with my mother that gave me pause.

She asked if anyone had given me negative feedback about discussing something so private via mass communication. I think her exact question was, “Have there been any comments saying ‘Gross Chelsea’?” Before thinking I answered honestly, no there hasn’t been any negative comments, as a matter of fact I got support from a fellow blogger who discussing the same taboo topic.

That got me thinking, why is talking about my period so taboo? It’s 2016 for Pete’s sake, I think most intelligent people at this point are well aware that about half the world’s population has had a period at some point in their life. Why should I be ashamed to talk about mine? Especially in a forum that allows people to just skip over a post if they find it disagreeable.

I understand the stigma, I wrestled with the idea about posting my period problems longer than I would like to admit. It took realizing that I should not be embarrassed about something that naturally occurs in my body. There are so many things we are taught not to discuss, our bodies become a source of shame because of those teachings.

Why are our bodies shameful? Why do you want me to feel shame for something that I cannot control?

I am tired of wanting to ask questions and not doing so because someone has told me that the topic should not be discussed. There is a time and place for everything. This just happens to be my place. This blog was started as a chronicle of my life and guess what my life consists of periods and other bodily functions that may not necessarily be pleasing to hear/talk about. You are more than welcome to not read those posts. In fact, you are more than welcome to not read any of my posts. I assure you that I will not be offended if you stop reading because every once in a while I decide to tell you that I had a particularly bad bout of cramps.

I would like to think that one thing I’ve learned this year is to be more accepting of myself and my body. Today I brushed my teeth mostly naked, something I would have never, ever, ever done in the past because my own nudity made me uncomfortable. It was so freeing to just brush my teeth and not worry about the fact that I was jiggly all over. Isn’t that silly?

We should all be comfortable with our bodies because they are the only ones we have. I’m never going to get to switch bodies with a Victoria Secret model, so why would I spend any time lamenting that fact? Why not just celebrate the body I have?

My body is strong. My body is beautiful. My body is mine. 

My body is hungry. Sorry, that line above hit my in the gut a little harder than I thought it would and now I’m getting all teary. Forgive my need to deflect with humor. Also, I am hungry though…

Henceforth you should be aware that I plan to broach some taboo subjects that have been plaguing me. If you’re not ready to dive further into my messy life that’s okay. I understand. Thank you for coming this far.

Today I want you to repeat these powerful words.

My body is strong. My body is beautiful. My body is mine.

Because no matter your circumstances those words are true.

Your body is strong. It’s gotten you this far in life. Think about every trial or tribulation that you have survived in this body. Your body has gotten you through all of your worst days.

Your body is beautiful. Those sunspots that dist your shoulders show you have had fun in the sun. That little bit of extra fat shows that you’ve had great food with great company. Your smile reflects your soul. Every mark on your body is a reminder of how far you have come in life and should be worn with pride.

Your body is yours. No matter what happens in life your body will never belong to anyone else. It’s yours. Cherish that knowledge. Revel in the fact that no one else in the world has a body like yours. Your body tells your story.

Never be ashamed of your story.

Unless something prolific happens in the next 24 hours tomorrow I will be talking about food prep from this week. Also, cross your fingers for me that Aunt Flow decides to get the hell out of dodge within those 24 hours because the bitch is really wearing thin on my patience.

I am going to go and find food now, my tummy is grumbly.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!





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