Day 218: Stalling

Hello wild ones! Friday is upon us and I for one am looking forward to Saturday.

I’ve got a best friend date planned with S. We’re going to watch movies, veg on the couch, and laze about all night. Can’t wait!

The red tide has finally receded, thank the heavens. This period made me realize that I seriously need to see a doctor and make sure all my girl bits are the best shape they possibly can be.

I was afraid I had written myself into a problem that I could not get out of. I wrote a few short lines of a scene that’s been playing out in my head for days, but was concerned that what I saw the characters doing was actually in direct contrast to what they would actually do. Started to worry that I was changing their personalities, so I had to send it to M for a quick read.

She assures me that it flows and that it does in fact enhance the characters, not detract from them like I thought. Knowing that I should be able to get the rest of that scene finished tonight. Whoop.

I went a little crazy downloading music last night. Blame Pandora for reminding me about all the music that I love.

Just finished yet another book…sometimes I worry that I read too quickly. Isn’t that strange? I often have to tell myself to slow down and savor the words because I tend to get wrapped up in the story and let it run away with me. Luckily I brought another, because for the past 4 nights I’ve finished at least 2 books while working. Though the second book is significantly shorter than the first, I may have to run home and grab another. Oh wait, do I have one in my car?

I also need to go round up some grub. And then make my grocery list for tomorrow morning. So I think I am going to go now and get something in my belly. NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!




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