Day 221: Shit

Hello wild ones! Well I freaking did it again…I forgot to post my entry before midnight. It’s 1 am my time and I just realized that I let myself get caught up reading and didn’t post.

I’m sorry…seriously can’t believe it happened again. 

I was considering word count ealier. Did you know that the “average” manuscript is around 40,000 words? I certainly didn’t. Hell, the novel I’m working on is already around the 30,000 mark and we’re not even half way there. 

It may be silly to be worrying about, but it makes me wonder how cruel I’m going to have to be when editing. Honestly I wish I hadn’t stumbled across the information. I worried that now I’m going to try and rush through the rest. 

Anyway…I’ve got to run into Walmart from supplies to make M’s planner, her birthday is this week. So I’m gonna let ya go. Night!

Until tomorrow (or actually later today), stay wonderfully wild!



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