Day 222: Truth or Dare?

Hello wild ones! I hope your week is going well thus far. Today is my first night back at work and while I have some very important work to get done I also have so pressing editing to do.

I wrote something last night that alters my novel drastically, so I’ve printed out my outline and I’m about to take a red pen to that sucker. Before I write anything else I want to make sure I’m still going down the right path.

Because I’ve got some major thinking to do I figured instead of trying to get an actual post written for you guys I would just be brave and post the prologue to what I am working on.

Before I do that I would like to mention that this is the rough version, I have not done any editing as of yet. Also, if you’re in a giving mood comments would be appreciated. Right now I’m wondering if my prologue is too long…that whole word count thing in seriously giving me pause.

Little background information, this particular novel falls under the romance column of fiction. It’s set in South Texas, current time, and I am seriously sweating over here.

Without any further ado, or dawdling on my part, I present to you the prologue to the novel I am currently calling Truth or Dare.

Truth or Dare?

For the first time in the four years Scarlett Dixon had wandered the halls of her high school it was silent. She could actually hear her own thoughts, they centered around the memories made while in these halls and how she couldn’t believe it was finally time to leave them behind. Just moments ago she had thrown her graduation cap high with her classmates, but instead of filing out of the football stadium with everyone else she had ducked back into the dark school to say a private goodbye.
Her fingers trailed over the now empty metal lockers as she made her way down the dark hall. The seniors had been directed to clean out their lockers at the beginning of the week, everyone else had done so with great pleasure, but Scarlett had put the task off.
These halls had been her second home for four years and while she was excited to move on to the next chapter of her life, she was reluctant to just discard the current pages.
The old locker protested with a screech as she opened the little door hiding the things that had made up her senior year. Post it notes with covering the inside of the door, reminders, vocabulary, and words of encouragement. Notebooks arranged in class order stacked neatly in the bottom. Supplies in the magnetized containers she had made herself to keep everything organized. Her year book, filled with sweet messages from her classmates. And the single framed photo at the very back, the photo she looked at every morning, in between classes, and before she went home.
“Hey Baby,” she snapped the locker closed at the sound of his voice, “what are you doin in here?” Beau was here?
Her heart picked up tempo as she turned to confirm. Beau Macguire was back. He was lounging against the lockers, barely visible in the shadows, but Scarlett knew his face.
“I didn’t know you were back,” those words were breathy, she couldn’t help it. He affected her deeply.
“Couldn’t very well miss my baby’s graduation,” he moved then, leaving the shadows. Had he gotten taller? His lean legs ate up the space between them until he was standing so close he could have pinched her, she didn’t trust him not to. She stepped back, colliding with the lockers as she tried to keep her eyes on his.
He had gotten taller. Before she had been just a bit shorter than him, now her eyes were level with his lips. Lips she had dreamed about kissing.
“I wish you wouldn’t call me that,” that was a lie, his grin told her he knew it was.
“What? My baby?” he stepped closer and Scarlett stopped breathing. “Yes,” he leaned in to hear the whisper.
“But you are my baby,” one slender finger tapped the tip of her nose, “always have been. Always will be,” goodness that sounded nice. But he was teasing her. The endearment had nothing to do with the tightness she felt in her stomach at his close proximity. It was simply an old family joke.
“All the same,” her chin rose, “I have a name and I would like for you to use it,” her hands rose to push against his shoulders, but he quickly captured them in his own.
“Scarlett,” oh that was much worse. Her hands tingled from contact and she thought her knees might be shaking. “You never answered my question,” what question? She stared up into those blue eyes and tried to focus on the conversation, but failed. Simply shaking her head.
“What are you doin in here?” there was a chuckle in those words. But it was a question she knew the answer to.
“Cleaning out my locker,” one dark eyebrow rose and her stomach flipped. He moved again, until his body was flush with hers and she could see nothing but him.
Instinctively her fingers reached out for the charm on the end of her necklace, but met with the resistance of his own long calloused fingers. She just flexed them, testing his hold on her, he used her movement to intertwine their fingers.
“What are you doing in here?” the words were a hoarse whisper, but anything was better than the silence passing between them.
“Checkin on you,” his blue eyes sparkled with mischief. “Let me go,” she tugged against his grasp in vain.
“Not just yet,” he brought her hands high above her head and easily transferred them into one large palm. “Is this what I think it is?” dangerously his fingers dipped to capture the small charm. The tiny silver charm was swallowed up in his hand, but he didn’t need her answer. He would know that necklace anywhere.
“I can’t believe you still have this,” slowly he wrapped the chain around his fist, bringing her face closer to his. “What could this possibly mean little Scarlett?”
“It doesn’t mean anything,” she spat, beginning her struggle a new. He couldn’t know the truth. She needed to get away before he made her tell the truth.  “It’s just a necklace,” she managed to wriggle free, but found herself pressed to him, the necklace still anchored in his fist.
“Let go,” she slapped at his hand. “Beau, let me go,” the necklace dropped back between her breasts, but before she could move his hands captured hers again.
“Don’t,” his voice was soft, so soft she almost hadn’t heard the words, “go.”
The look in his crystal eyes held her immobile, there was something there she’d never seen before. He wasn’t teasing her, wasn’t laughing at her expense. He leaned in and her heart went into hyper drive.
  “Let me go,” the words were as limp as she felt. His searching blue eyes told her he didn’t believe them.  “Ugh, I hate you,” more flat words. Her fingers clung to his.
“Make me,” his  ragged words were like gasoline to the fire within. Her mouth opened, biting words poised on the tip of her tongue, but it closed again, the words swallowed in the flames.
  “Say it again,” those tantalizing lips brushed hers. “Say it Scarlett,” that was a dangerous feeling. A girl could get addicted to the slow scrape of his lips against hers with those whispered words. She felt like a junkie.
“I,” again their lips made the barest whisper of contact and it wasn’t enough, “I,” she couldn’t finish the thought. The only thing she wanted was to further taste what his wicked mouth promised. Boldly she pressed her mouth to his.
Lush lips covering her tormentors. Slowly she moved over his now stern mouth. A moment ago he’d teasing her and now he stood frozen against her as she explored the crease of lips. She took her time, wanting to learn the feel of him, the soft fullness of his bottom lip. The shallow dip of his cupid’s bow. Unsure how to proceed, she left his mouth in search of his eyes.
Those blue orbs stopped her heart. The fire she felt deep in her belly was burning there, the flames threatening to char. Heat radiated from deep within the depths of his searching eyes.   Slowly he leaned in, giving her every opportunity to move, but she stayed still. Scared if she moved he would stop and she would never know how it felt to be wanted by him. The demure taste she’d taken was not enough, she wanted to know what it felt to be kissed by Beau.
It was soft, the touch of his lips against hers, so soft she thought it may have been a dream. He shuddered, hand leaving hers in favor of her mouth. His thumb traced the bottom curve of her lips; she couldn’t breathe as he tipped her head back so that she was staring up into his burning eyes. Her mouth fell open, intent on telling him to please hurry up and end the torture, but the words were unnecessary. His mouth met hers again as hungrily as she felt. He was set on devouring her and Scarlett wanted to be devoured.
He changed angles, manipulating her jaw with his thumbs as his hot mouth slanted over hers again and again. Shaking hands clutched his shirt, scared if she let go she would fall backward into the black oblivion forming in her mind. Those expert lips teased her, nibbling at her abused mouth, causing her heart to slam against her chest in time with his. He tasted sweet, it was strange that someone so could taste so sweet that was her last coherent thought before his tongue met hers. The contact sizzled her remaining brain cells until she became a shivering mass in his arms desperate to keep their mouths fused.
As usual Beau thwarted her plans by leaving her mouth, though he did have to fight the hold she had on his hair. When had she grabbed the black tresses? She couldn’t remember, but she was using them to keep them anchored.
The lips that had just been on hers were moving again, though not how she wanted them to. Scarlett tried to focus, told herself she needed to pay attention he may be saying something important.
“Truth or dare?” her hands fell away from his hair to rest limply on his shoulders. Shaking her head did not make the meaning of those words register; she heard his deep chuckle and closed her eyes because that sound did something funny to the knot in her abdomen.
“Baby,” that did something funny too. She rubbed her thighs together in frustration because she didn’t understand. “What?” she squinted up at him.
“Truth or dare?” repeating his question didn’t help, but Scarlett shook her head again, hands leaving his shoulders to fall at her sides.
“I don’t,” she looked back up at him, he looked very charming. That wonderfully sweet mouth was set in a lopsided grin that caused her stomach to flip, “Truth,” she blurted and turned her eyes back to the ground.
“What are your plans tonight?” not exactly a question she was expecting. Her eyes met his again, trying to ascertain the intention of this game.
“My plans?” he nodded, one of his hands grasped hers and she jumped at the contact, her other hand rose to fiddle with the charm at the end of her necklace again, but stopped short. “My parents are taking me to dinner and then home probably,” his free hand finished the task. Calloused fingers brushing her chest to capture the charm, more shivers racked her body. Thighs rubbing harder trying to bring some kind of end to the feeling welling inside.
“Stay the night with me,” he used the necklace to bring her back up to him, her mouth a whisper away.
She was breathless, “What?” And confused.
“Blow off dinner with your parents and come with me,” that sounded like trouble. The kind of trouble she wanted to be in. “I dare you,” those whispered words were her undoing. Instead of answering him she closed the space between their waiting mouths.
Her fingers sunk back into his hair, she wasn’t going to let go this time. His mouth wouldn’t leave hers until she was good and ready. He was able to escape again, but she didn’t have time to complain before his mouth came in contact with her heated skin. His teeth nibbled just beneath her ear making her knees shake as they continue their journey down the column of her neck. She had no choice but to cling to him as his hot mouth danced across her shoulder and then back again.
“You taste like wild honey,” his tongue swirled around her clavicle.
“Do I get to taste you?” he froze at her shaky words. She was panting, felt very heavy under his gaze, “Later,” was his promised growl, “I’m not done just yet,” he placed a gossamer kiss against her lips, and fell south again to meet the flesh just beneath her necklace.
The light scraping of his fingernails at her thighs drew her attention for a moment, the silken material pooling at his wrists as he tried to expose more of her overheated skin. He was turning her into a scatterbrained mess. She tried to focus on his hand trailing slowly up her thigh, but got distracted when his tongue came into contact with her décolletage. The other hand swept the strap of her dress to the side, exposing her sensitive nipple to the old air and his seeking gaze, before she could object the other strap was pushed away and her dress fell to the ground.
Beau stepped back, she tried to stop him, didn’t want him to see all the flaws. They might make him change his mind.
“God,” it was a soft groan that stopped her hands as they scrambled to cover herself, “you are so damn beautiful,” she blushed from the roots of her hair to the tip of her toes. “All flushed and pink just for me,” she cupped her breasts, nipples pushing against her palms as she tried to stay covered. “Don’t,” this groan sounded pained, his blue eyes burned back into hers, “please don’t cover up.” Her blood was replaced with rolling lava as those eyes raked over her body.
She swore she could feel his hands following the same path, raising chills as they traveled down her length. Being under such scrutiny made her more impatient; she wanted him to touch her again. Needed him to touch her again. It made her feel brave.
“Beau,” she didn’t sound brave. Her voice shook just as much as her hands did as they left her body to reach for him, “please,” desperately she grasped at him. “I need,” she knew what she needed, but was too scared to ask, so she pressed her mouth to his again and told him a different way.
He understood her wordless plea, those rough hands descended on her trembling skin. She thought maybe she had died and gone to heaven. No the way his thumb was rubbing against her nipple had to be some kind of magnificent torture. Maybe it was hell. He was a handsome devil. She had apparently done something terrible to end up at his mercy, something she would gladly do again as soon as she found out what it was.
His mouth replaced the fingers plucking at her sensitive nipple, she jerked at the new sensation. Swooned as his tongue swirled around the alert nub before sucking in back into his mouth. Her body twitched against his, hungry for more of the dizzying play. He obliged, switching to the other breast, all Scarlett could do was stand in his hold and try not to fall down. She failed because as he sucked her nipple into his mouth his other hand plucked at the other, it made her already wobbly knees buckle.
He caught her, turning so that she landed softly in the cage of his arms on the floor. “Whoa,” the chuckle was spoken against her mouth, “don’t go passin out on me just yet,” she nodded, though she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to stay conscious under all the attention.  “We still have so much,” those wandering fingers walked up her thigh and paused, hovering above the part of her that seemed to be quaking, “to do,” those fingers combed through the patch of hair shielding her needy flesh.
Before she could guess his intentions one of those fingers dipped into the wet heat of her in a long swipe that made her shake.
“Beau,” it was a strangled cry.
“I’m right here,” his mouth met hers tenderly; “I’m right here baby.”
That finger dipped again and slipped into her silky folds, they both groaned. “You’re so wet baby,” her fingers bit into the wrist pressed against her mound.  To illustrate he swirled around inside of her, the shaking became worse and once again it was absolutely impossible to breathe. He pushed deeper, her hips arched against his hand, reaching some part of her that she had never touched herself.
His thumb began strumming against the little button that seemed to control the knot in her abdomen. Every little vibration traveled through her body until every inch of her pulsed in time with his fingers.  She became oblivious to everything but that finger dancing her further into the black oblivion threatening to overtake her completely. Muscles began to spasm, her hips rose, fingers bit into his skin, something was coming. The black oblivion beckoned, but she resisted.
“Beau,” the strangled cry brought his mouth close to hers again.
“Just let go baby,” his voice scraped against her sensitive flesh, she could feel those words trail over her cheeks and down her body, “fall apart.” She could feel everything. “ I’ll put you back together,” her hazel eyes snapped open. He was hovering over her, one hand stroking her intimately and the other buried in her hair.
Another spasm racked over her, her toes curled, it was painful in the most astonishing way.
“Let go,” she obeyed that whisper, launching herself toward into the abyss, it left her twitching in his arms. She tried to breathe again, but his fingers were still moving inside of her, thrumming like little aftershocks in an earth quake. Deeper they pushed, her abused body continued to twitch in time as he moved until his body was covering hers. Her legs moved to accommodate the new position, opening her up further for his probing fingers, but they hit something that sent a new kind of pang through her body.
“Ah,” it was an involuntary cry out and it sounded nothing like the whimpers that had been escaping.
Fingers buried deep inside her, thumb poised against her abused clit, Beau froze, eyes going wide as she squirmed beneath him.  Time seemed to stand still as she stared back up at him wondering what was happening now. His fingers flexed inside her, butting against the thing that had caused her pain and she cried out again. They began retreating, she tried to stop him, but he had stolen her strength along with her breath.
“Let go Scarlett,” the heat in his voice was gone and it suddenly felt very cold in the hallway.
“I love you,” barely an audible whisper, she wasn’t sure where the words had come from, but now they lingered in the space between them.  He stared down at her, unreadable expression in his blue eyes and the cold in the air started to sink into her.
His mouth brushed her forehead and then in one fluid motion he stood, leaving her naked and shivering on the flood.
“It’s been fun baby,” she sat up quickly, still not sure what was happening, “but it’s time for me to get goin,” her auburn curls slapped at her face as she shook her head.
“But,” her hands reached for him, “I thought I was going with you,” he lowered himself into a squat at her side.
“Not anymore,” he ruffled the hair on her head, “kid.”
 “But, I love you,” his grin shattered everything. It was conquering. They had just played some game she was unaware of and he had won.
“I never asked you to Baby,” those words stung, like a slap to the face. Tears started rolling down her cheeks; he tucked his hands in his pockets, gave the barest bow, and vanished into the dark hall.

And that’s what I’m working with thus far. Once again comments are welcome and very much needed. Also, if you’re interested in being one of my beta readers once this particular work is done don’t be afraid to let me know. I’m going to need all the help I can get.

Now, I’m going to wield my red pen and beat my outline into submission.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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