Day 223: Microwave

Hello wild ones! The week is about half over now, so hang on the weekend is nearly back.

I’ve got another first world problem. The microwave at work has stopped working. I discovered this last night when I tried to heat up my lunch. It seems the darn thing just stopped working, along with the outlets on the same wall and no one can figure out why. So last night I went an got myself a burger, hoping that tonight it would be working again. It’s not. Tonight I’m going to have to run home to heat my lunch up because I am not about to waste my money buying more food.

Like I said, first world problem. I’m pissed because I spent so much darn time and energy prepping my lunches only to not be able to heat them up at work. poor poor me.

Tonight I have to get M’s planner put together. Tomorrow is her birthday! Since I’ve now done this three freaking times I know exactly how to get everything printed and arranged in a timely manner. Well, that’s what I am hoping anyway.


Last night I managed to get my outline back under control, for now. I also discovered the reason my word count was so high is because I had copied some parts of what I’ve written more than once. Horray. I went through and deleted the repeated parts, made sure everything else that I had already written was there and then saved my work.

I seriously cannot wait to get my freaking hair cut on Saturday. I’m chopping just about 2 inches off and ugh, the anticipation is killing me!

Alright, enough stalling, I need to get to work on the planner. Wish me luck! Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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