Day 225: Wellin Up

Hello wild ones! Friday is upon us and as soon as my work day is over I am free for 4 days.

In those 4 days there is talk of having a project, so fingers crossed that goes through. Other than that possibly project and my hair appointment I don’t have any plans.

Well that’s not true, I have a confession…my house is an absolute wreck. I swear it looks like I haven’t cleaned in ages and while I’m being honest I haven’t really cleaned it to my usual caliber for a few weeks. I don’t think I’ve moped in almost a month…wow…anyway, I would like to get my house clean and since I’ve got an extra day off this week I think I am going to go into hyper drive and give the whole place a through scrub.

I just finished watching A Walk to Remember, oh shit and it just occurred to me why they gave it that title, wow…anyway, it got me thinking. How in the hell did Landon Carter ever date another girl? Jaime died after they were only married for 3 months and they really only dated maybe a couple of months before they got married. Explain to me how anyone recovers from that.

You’re 18, your girlfriend and first love tells you that she’s dying, you vow to stay with her. You then carry out a series of tasks to help her complete her bucket list, which includes getting married in her mother’s church and then she dies after only 3 months.

While it would be asinine to say that they had the perfect marriage because she was obviously very sick and probably wasted away right in front of him, but think about how perfect she must be in his mind.

They never fought. Ever. They never got on each others nerves. She never did anything that irritated him. Even if she had he would have brushed it off because she was sick. They never went through any rough patches that weren’t directly related to her illness. In his mind he will always see that picture perfect bride walking toward him (which is why it’s titled A Walk to Remember).  She will always be perfect.

So I ask how the hell do you compete with that? How in the world do you date someone who was married to a freaking saint? Was Landon doomed to spend his life alone because hello, no other woman is every going to measure up to Jaime?

This movie was so much more touching when I was too young and stupid to have questions. I know I cried the first couple of times I watched it and this time when the tears would usually be starting to well up, I scoffed. I freaking scoffed. And then said, Dude, you’re going to be alone for the rest of you life now.

The first time you mention that you were married to your high school sweetheart who had an incurable disease you of course become a chick magnet, but that will fade. Sure it will get you laid, and probably a ton, but that’s all. You’re never going to get a meaningful relationship. The girl is going to get fed up with being compared to this perfect woman you once had. And perhaps that is just supposed to make it more romantic that he doesn’t care that this is going to ruin women for him, but there’s no way as an 18 year old he considered that marrying Jaime would mean he was destined to be alone.

Maybe I’m just over analyzing. Hell, am I loosing my romantic brain? That would be tragic, actually maybe it’s a good thing I’ve started to question things I’ve always considered romantic. I worry that I’m too much of a romantic. That just like Landon I’m destined to be alone because I have this idea of what love is and I only want that kind of love.

Alright, now that I’m done ranting about a movie…wow Chelsea, it’s just a dang movie. I”m going to go now. Night kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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