Day 227: Rainy Sunday

Hello wild ones! I hope your weekend was was wonderful, I feel like I spent mine sleeping.

Literally was just laying in bed for an hour because I wanted nothing more than to just go back to sleep. That of course was after sleeping for about 10 hours give or take a few minutes. I just feel so tired still, maybe it’s the rain, maybe I just don’t want to do anything.

My mom came for an unexpected visit last night. She went with me to do my grocery shopping because I was headed out the door when she walked in and then we stayed up watching the Olympics, not my idea everyone else wanted to watch the games so I just got stuck watching.

Wyatt requested beef stew, so I made a big pot of that last night, which was lucky because it’s raining outside. So we’ve got some crummy weather and yummy soup to slurp until the rain goes away again.

I have to go to work in a bit to catch up on my billing, so don’t want to, but I only have myself to blame for having to go in on my day off. I’d much rather be going to back to bed, but once I’ve finished posting this I am going to change my clothes and head to the office. Well that’s not exactly true, I need to get some food in my belly first, but I will be leaving shortly.

Amazon delivered a new book to me Saturday! I’ve watched North & South the mini series on Netflix about a million times and I absolutely love everything about the story, so I thought hey, I should totally read the book this is based upon. Usually a tricky choice to make, but there are so many thing lost when books are transferred to the big screen. One being that inner dialogue that I love so much. I live for the unspoken passion between people. So I am going to begin reading that tomorrow.

Okay, I seriously need to eat, my stomach is growling and my head is starting to hurt just a bit. I will talk to you tomorrow, night kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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