Day 230: Playin Hooky

Hello wild ones! The weather is still crummy here and I’m still not feeling life at the moment so I took a mental health day. 

I’m using said day to get my house clean and prep my food for the week. 

I finished North and South early this morning and if you follow me on instagran then you’ve already seen this photo. 

This book. Oh goodness. I swear I sighed, smiled, swooned, laughed, sighed some more, and fell more madly in love with John Thornton. Good gravy it’s a magnificent piece of literature. This is just one of the moments of the book that had my heart quivering and me wishing that someone loved me like John Thornton loves Margaret Hale. Oh to be loved by John Thorton. 

Forgive my drooling. It’s always tricky when you read the book a movie, or in this case a mini series, is based upon. I was wary that I wouldn’t like the book as much because I would be comparing it to the mini series I love, but in this case I appreciate both works. 

In the past I’ve almost always hated movies based on books, to the point that I’ve avoided a couple of movies because they were based off of a book I loved. Take The Host for example, it’s a book I love and then they came out with a movie and I’ve avoided it like the plague.

 I’ve been burned, Blood and Chocolate was one of my favorite books, in fact because I just mentioned it I may read it soon. The movie version on my beloved book was awful.

If you’re looking for an enchanting read please go find this book. I’m going to reread this book until it’s ingrained in my heart and brain. 

Alright, I need to stop stalling and get this damn house cleaned up…wish me luck.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!




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