Day 233: Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Hello wild ones! I nearly forgot about you again, I don’t know what has been wrong with me lately. Sheesh. I was watching music videos and realized, “Oh shit Chels, you haven’t written a blog for today.”

It’s raining here again, we’re under a flash flood warning right now. I was seriously just hoping that the electricity would go out because then I could just go home and work from my couch or even better from my bed. Alas, we still have electricity for now, so I’m still here.

Feeling kind of run down tonight, like I could probably drop my head for just a bit and fall right to sleep. I’m sleepy. So I guess it’s a good thing our power has not gone out because I could not be trusted to work from home without falling asleep.

As long as it doesn’t rain tomorrow Wyatt and I have made plans to go play volleyball after he gets out of work. Fingers crossed the fucking rain decides to stay away, though my sister did just inform me that it is supposed to still be raining tomorrow…great. Typically I wouldn’t mind, I like the rain. But in this case I really want to go play some volleyball and the rain is hindering that plan.

Does anyone else waste their lives watching youtube music videos? I seriously spend way too much time on this site watching videos. I may need an intervention.

Alright, well I am going to go immerse myself in more music videos, you go do whatever it is you do on Saturday nights.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!






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