Day 234: Forget…

Hello wild ones! The weekend is nearly over and tomorrow is Monday once again.

I remembered today that I’ve forgotten to tell you a few things from this week. 

Firstly, I got a new blender when I was grocery shopping the other day. I’ve put it to good use of course. 

If you follow me on instagram then you’ve already seen the smoothie I made for breakfast, but you have not seen this one. 

I made my own blueberry balsamic dressing. It’s yummy and so smooth because of the high speed blender. Whoooop.

I also forgot to gush over my sheets. It was laundry day recently so of course my sheets needed to be washed, unfortunately my brother forgot to put them in the dryer for me, so when I got home and was ready to crawl into bed I couldn’t. Luckily, my old sheets were folded in the top of my closet, so I busted those bad boys out and slipped into bed. Why in the world did I ever buy different sheets? I had forgotten how stupendous my old sheets were. Now I’m determined to find these sheets again so I can buy new ones. Not sure what brand they are, only that I bought them from Bed, Bath, and Beyond…

I guess a long and ardous trip to BB&B is in order soon. Until then I’m keeping my beautiful sheets on my bed and putting away the new ones for emergencies. 

Let’s see, did I forget anything else? I’m sure there’s something…there’s always something.

As far as I know it didn’t rain yet today, but I’m not sure I’d the court where we play beach volleyball is fit for us to play. If it’s not I’m settling for a nice family dinner. But I really hope it’s not too wet or sloppy. 

My kitchen is mostly clean, I still have another load of dishes to get done and I want to move the refrigerator so I can clean underneath and behind it. Next I’ll be working on the living room. We’ve got some furniture to get the hell out of here and I think I’m going to rearrange the couches a bit. 

Oh, I got one of the books I ordered in the mail today! I’m going to delay gratification though and wait until I go back to work before I start reading…maybe…who knows if I’ll make it that long…

I also got a new glass screen protector for my phone because the other one was really cracked and scratched. 

Okay, that’s it for real this time. 🙂 Here’s to a great week! Night kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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